New Year

After an eventful night on New Year's Eve Charlotte has to give up on trying to be with the boy she has loved since only recently and realize that another boy who could drastically ruin her future as much as he has ruined her past won't stop until he has her back . But she doesn't know what is good for her and bad for her. Could it all just blow up in her face and leave her alone?


1. 01

"Katie! Come here, would you?” I shouted down the hallway. I heard her footsteps echo as she did what I asked. I picked the two dresses back up off the bed as she neared my room. “Which one do you think would attract his attention the most?”

“I think the gold one would look good on you but to attract his attention you need to wear the red one.” I glared at the two dressed and thought about what she had said. Usually her opinions would only make me look worse than her but she knows what my goals are for tonight: to kiss Tyler Nancy as the ball in New York drops. I know it’s almost impossible considering the fact that it’s his party, his cheating good-for-nothing girlfriend will be there, and his best friends are rooting for him to kiss Ellie and make up with her. Ellie cheated on him two weeks ago and then got herself invited to this party. There is no way I’m letting her take that kiss from her. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get dressed we leave in ten minutes!” she cheered and ran out of the room. I shimmied myself into the dress and slipped on the shoes. I decided to go light on the makeup to make sure I didn’t look like I was trying too hard for this.

“Char, make sure you call me when you get there and as soon as you find out if you sore staying there or not” my dad shouted out the door. I waved my hand at him and climbed in the car.

“Let’s get out of here” Katie shouted with a smirk. When we took off it didn’t take long before we were there. Of course the whole ride I had a lump in my throat. What if this doesn’t go as planned? What if Tyler had already taken Ellie back? It’s too late. I rolled up to the house slowly knowing that there was someone behind the door that could either ruin this or make this all go as planned.  “Is everything okay?”

“I don’t know if I can do this” I explained. She rolled her eyes and started walking towards the house. I had to run to catch up to her. When we got to the door I raised my hand to ring the doorbell but stopped. The lump in my throat had gotten bigger. There was no way I could do this. Katie let out a low groan and hit me in the back. “Seriously, Katie there is no way this will work!”

“Just ring the dang doorbell before I smack you in the face you big baby.” I took a deep breath in and pushed the doorbell. If my confidence could boost at any time it would need to be now. ‘Don’t make this harder than it needs to be’ I thought to myself. That barely helped at all. The door swung open to the rough face of drunken Niall. “Niall, baby how are you?” Katie shouted and stormed past him. I smiled at him and walked in. I feel like a lost lamb walking into the woods fearing the wolves that would attack. The drunk kids that could judge me being the wolves. That’s basically how high school students act. I cut out my obnoxious thoughts when I spotted Tyler. I always imagined seeing him this way. Buzzed hair and just a bit tipsy. I walked towards him actually feeling confident. The person he was talking to spotted me first. Then Tyler. I was surprised to notice him staring at me like a lion eyeing his pray. I liked it but the same time was intimidated. Just then, Katie ran to me and grabbed me.

“What the hell Katie I’m about to talk to him” I whispered so Tyler didn’t hear. She clenched her teeth together and walked away. When I looked back for Tyler he was gone. Dammit Katie. I whipped around quickly to go look for him and that’s when I bumped into someone. I was very confused one what happened till I felt the cold liquid running down my dress and down his skinny jeans. “I’m so sorry man I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Shit, no it’s all over your dress. Come on I know where we can get cleaned up and steal new clothes” he said with a chuckle. He took my hand and guided me through the crowd. I spotted Katie on Niall’s arm. I never saw that coming. “Tyler is one of my good friends so he won’t mind if we clean up in his bathroom and steal from his clothing stash.”

“Wow thanks. This night has not been going as planned” I groaned. He let out a low chuckle and opened the door. When he shut the door and turned on the lights I finally got a good look at his face. He was actually really hot.

“Okay now turn around so I can unzip your dress” he suggested. I did as he said and he gently unzipped it for me. “The clothes you can wear are in the top drawer. Tyler likes to keep extra female clothing for the girls he sleeps with”

“Thanks um…..” Suddenly I realized I didn’t know his name.


“Right” I said. I walked towards the dresser as he unzipped his pants. I couldn’t help but stare. He was so hot and I was so mad at myself for being so blinded by Tyler to realize there are other guys that aren’t him. He caught me staring. I cleared my throat and turned away really quick. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. Look all you want” he whispered in my ear. I didn’t even hear him come up behind me. If I even wanted to escape there was no chance. His arms were wrapped around me and his plump lips were to my neck. There was no going back down. I dropped my head back on his shoulder to let him have more coverage. That’s when he went for my underwear. He slowly slipped his hand down but I had to stop him. He isn’t who I want.

“W-wait. Harry stop I can’t do this.”

“Shit, I’m sorry Char, I knew I was pushing it” he apologized. I turned back around and looked him dead in the eye. And asked the question that was on my mind since he said it.

“How do you know my name? We just met.” He looked down at his bare feet and wrapped one arm around me. “Harry” I said after he took time to reply.

“I’ve wanted you since freshman year but all you have cared about was Tyler. I thought this was my chance” he explained. I looked across the room for a clock or anything that could take my eyes off of him. Anything would do. I pushed his hand away and opened the draw for new clothes. Luckily there was a dress that would have to do. “Charlotte, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.”

“Harry, I don’t I just have to do something really quick. Meet me back here in ten?” I said before walking out the door. I have to find Tyler before he finds Ellie. But what if he already has? Then it would be too late. I ram back out into the living room as fast as I could and was stopped by the sight of the TV. It was broadcasting from New York. The ball was already beginning to drop. I had to find him now. I walked through the crowd of drunken people. Spotted Katie and Niall already kissing and the ball hasn’t even dropped yet. As I kept walking through the crowd I spotted Tyler. He wasn’t very far from me.

“Hang on I have to go find someone” I heard him say. Then he disappeared into a different room. Following him would be bad. Maybe I should just give up. Him and I would never work out. That someone he is looking for probably isn’t even me. But I have to give it a try right? I kept walking towards the direction he was going. Then I hit the floor.
“Watch where you’re going asshole” A random voice lectured. I shut my eyes as I sat on the floor hopeless. As I looked up a person stopped in front of me. I couldn’t quite tell who it was. They helped me up and got me standing straight again.


“3…2…1…” The voices rang out. The lips of the person that helped me up were now planted on me. But what did I care anymore. This person must know me and I must know them. I let go and kissed back.



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