Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


6. Nobody

I woke up in my room at 5:47am. School. I threw my hair up and put on the exact opposite of what I would wear to a party. Jeans, Chucks, tank top, minimal makeup, and no bright colors to call attention to. I try my hardest to blend in so no one will notice, but even if I tried no one would notice. I mean seriously, I'm so under the radar that I don't get bullied and most people introduce themselves every time we are partners even though I've known them since kindergarten. I like it that way though. Cal doesn't notice me either. That isn't the best when he walks past you in the hall and doesn't realize it's his twin sister. Ouch.

I swung by Starbucks to get some hot chocolate like I do every morning. My house is like a 10 minute walk from school and I usually get there early so I become even less noticed. 

I walked into my first hour class which is Science with Mr. Simmons. I nod politely before taking my sit in the middle of the class. I know, if you don't want to get noticed why are you in the middle. Well most people see the people in the front first, then the back, the sides, and then they get bored and sit down. 

I hear a huge slam from a locker outside. Mr. Simmons bolts out the door and drags in four boys. I recognize them all. Calum, Luke, Ashton, and I think the one with colored hair is Michael..Scooby? No Clifford. He has red hair, like Clifford the Big Red Dog, so that should be easy to remember. 

I dig my face into my science book and try not to get noticed. I feel Ashton's eyes on me. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I don't do anything. It takes me like 20 seconds to realize that was a physical touch not an imaginary one. I turn around and look at all off them. Calum wiggles his brows at me and I look away instantly. 

"Hello. That's Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings Ca-"

"Calum Hood, and you are the amazing Ashton Irwin." I turn away and pretend to read. He chuckles lightly behind me.

"Who said you get to exit the conversation?" Michael is looking at me.

"Who said you get to start a conversation?" I reply instantly.

"Feisty huh? How come I haven't seen you around before?" Luke says.

"Oh you've seen her more than you think." Cal giggles. I shoot him glare.

"Maybe you were to busy living the life to notice a nobody like me. Or maybe you didn't try hard enough."

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