Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


35. Nightmares

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I snap my head up. I look around and see white. White walls, white sheets, white machinery. I look at the machine that had made the beeping noise. I try to get up, but the tubes with liquid that are injected inside of me are holding me back. 

"Hello?" I say. My voice sounds raw. A doctor comes in and smiles at me.

"Hello there Miss Hood! How are you feeling?" She says happily.

"Not the best. Where are the boys? What happened?" She starts to answer my questions right away.

"Your brother and his friends had a show and had to leave. They tried to argue, but the manager wouldn't let them get out of the show. They will be back in an hour or two. As to what happened, it seems like you weren't getting enough sleep lately and you passed out, but when we took some tests, it seemed like you also haven't been eating properly and your body had become very weak." I nod my head at her. She smiles, adjusts some of the tubes and leaves the room. I rest my head down to sleep.


"You don't deserve to be with them!" The nightmare returns as the group of fans push me around. Up above is a stage with all of the people I care about. Taylor. Cassie, the girl Calum kissed at the bar. Spencer. All of them were there with tears streaked down there faces. The girl in charge, Lily, had a knife in her hands. She was the bully at school. She walked up to Cassie, and after a second her limp body was on the ground at my feet. A bloodcurdling scream escaped my lips.

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