Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


18. Missing You

They've been gone for one month. I call them everyday, and text them any chance that I get. We video chat anytime we can and since it's usually at night we all end up crying because we miss each other. I've been running as much as possible listening to their songs so I know them. I want to get in better shape and I wanna look kinda different when I see them. I've gotten tips from a hair stylist on how to get my hair to grow longer. Right now it falls past my mid back and is still hombre with hints of galaxy at the bottom. I've changed my wardrobe to better clothes and am starting to get noticed more at school. Tonight is the first night that the boys will be performing my song. They are setting up a video chat so they'll know where to look and to wink in that direction. Their words, not mine.

"So Camry." Michael's smiling sheepishly and I'm nervous about what he has to say. Calum is behind him with a devilish grin and Ashton's face first in a pillow. Luke went to get food. Figures.

"Yes Michael?" I ask. Michael and Calum are looking at Ashton and smile to each other.

"What was your in-" Before he can finish his sentence pillow hits him in the head.

"Shut up Michael!" Ashton shouts. He doesn't have a pillow to lay on anymore.

"What was your inspiration for Beside You?" Calum manages to get out before Ashton shoves him. Michael is looking at me waiting for an answer.

"You guys were my inspiration." I say quietly.

"Oh." Michael says. Luke enters the room and sits down.

"If you wanna make fun of Ashton you are going to have to try harder."

"Why would we have to try hard to make fun of Ashton? He is embarrassing in his in way so it take effort not to make fun of him." Soon a pillow is flying at Luke as well. Then everyone is throwing pillows.

"Yeah I'm really missing you guys!" I say sarcastically.

"SHUT UP!" They all say it as one and stop hitting each other. I burst out laughing and they stare at me in puzzlement.

"Bye guys!" I then shut off my computer.

It's hard to miss those idiots. But I still do everyday.

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