Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


8. Life at home

I continue the day avoiding the boys at all costs. That takes dedication when one has their locker next to yours. When the final bell rings I scramble out the door and start the trek home. I see Ashton get in the car and don't want him to see me. He already saw me when I was in attractive mode, and hopefully he didn't know that was my mom's car. I dash to Cal's house. I'm there when the car pulls in. I see someone in there with him. Shit.

I walk inside and sit on the couch while Spongebob is on. The door opens again and Cal walks in with Michael. 

"What is she doing here?"

"Yeah Cal what is she doing here?" I put as much emphasis on the she as I could. He rolled his eyes and Cal explained.

"She's my twin sister and when our parents divorced she went to live with my dad." 

"Why haven't I met her before?"

"Oh my God." I walk up to Calum's room. How can Michael not even remember one memory? I grabbed one of Cal's sweatshirts, a pair of his sweatpants, and one of his beanies. I change clothes and I'm about to walk out when Cal walks in.

"Just to give you a warning all the guys are here and want to spend 'quality' time with you!" He winks and runs away. I run after him and four steps up I jump and land on his back. He takes another step before landing on the floor.

"You're such a fat ass, Cam!"

"You're a feminine duck that hit puberty at 15!"

"Go suck a homeless guy!"


"That's taking it to far Cam." Calum pushes me off and when I look up all the guys are trying to contain their laughter. I flip them off and go into the kitchen. They all follow like little puppies. 

"Are you wearing Calum's clothes?"

"You look familiar! Like I've seen you before today!"

"Can you order pizza?"

"CAN YOU ALL SHUT YOUR MOUTHS?" I kinda snapped a little.



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