Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


36. Leaving

Ashton's POV

I was holding her hand. That is all I could do. She rolled restlessly around in her bed. The doctor said that it had been happening regularly, so we shouldn't worry. But I was worried. I put my hand on her shoulder and tried to shake her awake. It was my turn to stay with her while she slept. If someone wasn't there when she woke up, than her nightmare would become real and she would panic. 

Finally she stopped rolling. I put my head in my hands when a horrifying scream was let loose. My head snaps up and her eyes peek open. There is sweat beading down her face. I reach for her hand but she pulls away. For a second I see fear in her expression, but soon a wave of nothing rolls over and she looks normal. She smiles at me and my heart melts inside. She has been going through this horrific stage in her life without us, and now we are here while she is falling apart. I can't take it anymore.

"Hey. You get to leave this afternoon." She smiles at me and nods. Her feet dangle off the bed's edge as she looks at me.

"It was worse tonight." She says quietly. I nod my head. We walk out of the room and go through many doctor files. Finally we all load into the car and drive home. 

No one talks very much. The tour finished while she was in the hospital. We went back when we could. Life has been bleak. I don't know if things will get better. And then she comes out and says it.

"I'm leaving."

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