Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


30. Bus

After I finished with dishes I went back to the bedroom to get ready for the day. We would be stopping soon to get some food and to stretch out. I reached my bed and pulled back the curtain to see a shirtless Ash scrolling through my phone. I yank it away from him and he grins at me cockily. 

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" I scream at him.

"I got bored so...Oops." He doesn't look sorry. I grab his arm and yank him out of the bed. I climb up the latter and grab his phone from his charger. I grab some clothes and go into the bathroom and lock the door. Ashton's pounding on the door and I ignore him. I get changed into a crop top that says swag, and high waist black skinny jeans. I put on my make up with a thin top line for the eyeliner and mascara. I put on concealer and pink lipstick. It's very low key. I straighten my hair. Then I sit down and scroll through Ash's phone. 

I look at my contact in his phone. 


I stare at it with a dorky smile on my face. There is no picture there so I take one and put it their. I have a kiss face with a wink. I then go through his messages. None of them stick out. I go onto his twitter. He has me on his notifications. 

This girl is the best! Love her so much! 

I put the picture of me on their and tweeted it. I then go on my phone and then tweet.

Paybacks a bitch @Ashton5SOS

I get the notification on his phone and like it. Then I retweet it. I move on. I look through everything. A couple things catch my eye, like phone numbers that I don't know, but I move on. When I walk out about a half an hour later, Ash is sitting on the floor by the door. I toss him his phone and walk back to the room. 

"You tweeted yourself?" Ash asks.

"Well of course! Who wouldn't tweet on Ashton Irwin's account?" I ask innocently.

"Whatever." He then saunters off. I roll my eyes and keep sitting there, thinking about how close we were to kissing.

I walk out of the room and sit on the couch. I am soon joined by Ashton. Then Michael. Then Calum. And then Luke. We are all squeezing to be on there, and I'm right in the middle.I try to push Calum off and him and Ash look at each other over my head. They both nod and soon I'm lying on the floor. While they all laugh.

"Ha ha. I'll remember that the next time you want me to make you food. By the way, the bus stopped." I run off the door and towards the McDonald's. I quickly order a number 16 and sit down. When they call out my number I grab and rush to my seat. By the time they get in I'm almost finished with my 10 piece chicken nuggets. I walk out of the building before they notice. I go out to the park next door and walk around for a bit. Soon I see four jumpy boys heading my way. I find a tree and climb up it. They are all standing around the tree staring at me. I wave.

"Come down here Cam." Cal says. 

"You come up here."

"We are leaving in 5 minutes and we will leave without you." Luke says. Michael winks at me. I smile. I stand up on the branch and jump.

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