Camry is a nobody. But she can express herself when she goes out to her favorite club. But she wasn't expecting to meet him.
5SOS become a big part of her life. So big that she might not be able to take it anymore.


20. Almost There

Two weeks until  I leave. The texts aren't enough anymore. I have been crying myself to sleep every night missing them like crazy. We only text now and if we call it's because we want to try and maintain the relationship. I already have my bags packed. I'm ready to leave soon. 


"Yeah Cam?"

"Can I leave a week early? To go visit the guys? I could just set up a hotel. School will be out by then anyways." I look at him with pleading eyes.

"Fine. But do not get into any trouble and have every detail planned out to the second. Got it?"

"Thank you so so so much Dad!" I run over and hug him. I run up stairs and start to plan and make arrangements. I know they have a show that week. I going to see if they can notice me in the crowd. Time to go shopping.



Sorry for the short chapter! I'll update again soon!

XxXx ~ Cami

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