Demons and Angels.

When Amira, the royalty of Angels, gets send to school. To learn about her upcoming kingdoms glory and history. The days as she knows it, changes.

The school has both Demons and Angels. So to protect The kingdoms future, She has to wear a mask.

The girl only have to be in school for one year. But the mask gives her alot of attention and trouble.

Will she live to her father's expectations or will she bring herself in great danger?.


1. prolouge

My name is Amira...


Come on men! To battle!!


Life for me as it seems now is easy! as i live in a castle.


Dont let them come near the castle!


My memory doesnt last as long as i would have wanted to remember, of my past.


Kill the princess!!


At some point i am happy i could not remember.


Dont harm her pleas!


The only thing i wish i had unseen. that one night


Take my life instead of hers!


I wish i had the chance to forget those eyes.


Son, seal the princess. Dont let her remember!


Those eyes who sealed me from remembering my dearest mother.


Yes father.


I wish...




I wish to take revenge for my dearest mother.



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