Demons and Angels.

When Amira, the royalty of Angels, gets send to school. To learn about her upcoming kingdoms glory and history. The days as she knows it, changes.

The school has both Demons and Angels. So to protect The kingdoms future, She has to wear a mask.

The girl only have to be in school for one year. But the mask gives her alot of attention and trouble.

Will she live to her father's expectations or will she bring herself in great danger?.


5. Chapter 4.

"Wait wait wait!" He hushed on me. "Dont worry" he tried to calm me down. "I wont harm you" he laughed and came closer. "D-dont go near me!" I stuttered and started going backwards. I heard a noise from the kitchen.

I gasped shortly. "Mia!" I whispered, afterwards yelling. "Mia!!" She stuck her head out. "Mia on duty-ooo wtf?!" I ran behind her. "Michael you ass don't scare the new one!!" She tackled him, pushing him out the door. His evil laugh echoed through out the halls.

"Are you ok gurl..?" She laughed and locked the door. "You've gotten a lot of attention on first day huh...?" I reached out for her hand but got a hug. I laughed and so did she. "I never got you name" i smiled. "My name is Angelise.." She looked confused at me. "Ok pop quiz time!"

"Your name...?"


"Were are you from...?"

"The sky..."

"Why are you wearing a mask...."

"I got told to"

"Will you trust me..."

"If you dont blackmail me and if you trust me, so yeah"

"You are the princess right?"

I stopped. "What is that kind of question...?" I whimpered.

"Ahaha i got ya there didnt i?" She stood up in victory. "Dont worry you can trust me" she winked. "You can take off your mask now sweetie nothing will happen to you" i nodded, with a slight feeling of distrust. I took off the mask and my end on my blond hair turned to its natural reddish and my eyes went to its royal light blue nuances.

"If you say anything about me, you will go to jail ok?" I asked and smiled. "Oh someones getting sassy" she snapped back.

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