Demons and Angels.

When Amira, the royalty of Angels, gets send to school. To learn about her upcoming kingdoms glory and history. The days as she knows it, changes.

The school has both Demons and Angels. So to protect The kingdoms future, She has to wear a mask.

The girl only have to be in school for one year. But the mask gives her alot of attention and trouble.

Will she live to her father's expectations or will she bring herself in great danger?.


4. Chapter 3.

As we came closer and closer to my room i started hearing footsteps behind us. "Miss!!" A voice yelled behind us. "Miss wait" the principal came running. "You forgot your key!" Her heavy breathing wasnt enough to not hear the people laughing behind her. "Thank you..." I gave her a smile which faded when i noticed the boys from before standing a few meters behind her.


"Lets get going guards..." I unlocked the door and stepped inside.the room was really big, and i am sure i got the biggest. there were two indevidual bedrooms, a big kitchen. a luxurious living room too. The guards let my bag down, bowed and left me. I sighed, with a passion. i was about to close the door when one of the boys stepped in.


"I have a few questions Angel..." He smirked, lustfull. "What?!"

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