Demons and Angels.

When Amira, the royalty of Angels, gets send to school. To learn about her upcoming kingdoms glory and history. The days as she knows it, changes.

The school has both Demons and Angels. So to protect The kingdoms future, She has to wear a mask.

The girl only have to be in school for one year. But the mask gives her alot of attention and trouble.

Will she live to her father's expectations or will she bring herself in great danger?.


3. Chapter 2.

I really didn't want to go to school, i didn't see it as a blast like my maids did. I moreover felt defeat. And i was a sore loser. a very sore loser


"I cant believe he would do this to me" i stomped around furious."dad knew i would hate going to school! And he is taking revenge!" I clenched my teeth like a maniac. Just as my maids said i should choose a roommate.


I was silent. I had to interfere with someone?! I don't want to be in anyones life's?! I would rather be alone. But i had to choose someone. So i chose someone named 'Mia Ateron'. She sounded like a pretty normal person.


One hour laterr~


We arrived at school. It was massive! I have never seen a school like this and i have been around. It was quiet impressive. i had two guards with me, at the point where i should go to the principals office. i had my mask on so people did whisper and stare, but looked away as quick when they saw the guards.

"Amira" one of the guards whispered. "for now your name is Angelise, if anyone ask's for your last name. then you don't have to say anything" i nodded and knocked on the door to the office. the door was opened but someone was already there. i supposed they were sent up here, because the were trouble. they were pretty good looking but i didnt turn my head to get a full glance. i only saw them in the corner of my eye. but i did notice they all stared at me. The one who really caught my eye, where the one with the black hair and purple eyes, lustfull eyes.


i closed the door behind me and i got escorted into the office. "your Majesty!" the principal said quiet and shook my hand. "it is an honor to have you at our school" i nodded and smiled. "about your schedule" she handed me my schedule. "and about you wearing a mask at school" she was so calm, even though you knew she was nervous. "i have talked to the teachers and they say its fine as long as you participate in class" i nod again. "you dorm room is at number 495, but i need to say that Mia, your room mate. can be sort of strange" she scratched her head and did her best to smile. "you dont have to be so nervous principal" i laughed. "and its fine, i am sure we can get along" i gave her the most innocent smile i could. and i left for my room. "strange huh...?" the guards carried my bag. i didnt have too much with me, so it didn't seem to bother them. "so Mia is strange..?" i laughed. "well then this is gonna be interesting"

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