Demons and Angels.

When Amira, the royalty of Angels, gets send to school. To learn about her upcoming kingdoms glory and history. The days as she knows it, changes.

The school has both Demons and Angels. So to protect The kingdoms future, She has to wear a mask.

The girl only have to be in school for one year. But the mask gives her alot of attention and trouble.

Will she live to her father's expectations or will she bring herself in great danger?.


2. Chapter 1.

"I cant believe it" i mumbled as i walked through the halls of our castle in the sky. "They are going to send my to school!" I stomped around, with maids and servants behind me. "Its like going to jail, just with teachers!"

My dad had informed me of the private school i was supposed to be on for the next year, it was just that.


"I am smart enough to get home lessons dad!" I yelled and walked around in circles. "I can study from hereon i swear!"

He shook his head. "Amira, its a good way for you to learn to understand your people" i crossed my arms like a child. "And you Will! Go to school, i am expecting an awful lot of you Amira"

He handed me a mask where a large triangle showed off my mouth, it was completely visible. And so my eyes too.

"Keep this on, and only take it off for special reasons"

And so i was send to school. even though i didnt want to go to school. i still had to.

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