The Night of the Dance

Sam is a typical girl from school who no one payed attention too. Until one day her school is having a valentines day dance. Read on to see how the dance heats up.


2. Giving in


"And don't forget to purchase the tickets for the Valentines Day Masquerade..." And thats when i stopped listening l stopped listening because, to be honest, i couldn't care less. I mean why would i want to go to a dance where nobody knows who i am and i dont know who anyone is. That sounds kind of dangerous now that i think about it. Right when the announcements was over my best friend, Mia, started running her mouth faster than ever.

"Hey Sammy are you going to go to the masquerade." I probably shouldve mentioned that people also call me Sammy.

"No! Thats the last place im thinking of spending my Friday night."

*skip to after school*

Mia always comes over after school because her mom gets off of work late so she trusts me to take care of her. Even though shes 5 days older than me . But my parents are never around. Ny father died in a huge car accident and my mom's always working and going to business trips.

"Sam! You're going to the dance! C'mon nobody will know who you are."

"Fine. Only if that gets you to stop yelling at me." I replied with a "lazy" tone.

"Yay! Now we have to buy tickets, buy dresses and make pretty masks!"

Oh boy. What have I got myself into.

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