Selena was always cheerful and Happy with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
After her parents leaving for a "little vacation" she has to move away to Australia and finds the one and only Louis Tomlinson: The "Heartbreaker". She goes threw heartbreaks, damage, choices, and Suicidal Thoughts ,but who would help her?


9. Truth

Chapter 7:

I'm sorry about Rosie! I love you Selena and I just thought I wouldn't ever see you again.. -Harry xx

The lads said your mom said you found a new boyfriend in California... -Harry xx

It's not my fault your mom told me you never cared about me! She said you planned the whole thing! She said you wanted to live in Cali and she said you told her to say she got the tickets for you when you bought them... -Harry xx

Selena I'm really sorry... I just really like you! -Luke xx

Selena answer me please! -Luke xx

Since your not answering Luke you probably won't answer me but I don't want to pressure you... -Lxx

People texting again.....

My phone has been vibrating since I ran off when Luke asked me out...

-Flash back-

"So will you?" Louis asked

"Ummmm......" I looked over at Harry. He had teary eyes.

"I need to talk to her!" Luke screamed.


A group of guys walked over to me and handed me each a dozen roses. So I had 3 dozen roses. I looked at Luke then at Louis......'

-End of Flashback-

After what happened in that little scene I just ran off.... I'm not over Harry Styles and I don't want a boyfriend right now...

"Selena!?? You won't believe what I Found out!" Guessing Harry said that. I stayed still paying attention to what he said ,but stood quiet so he wouldn't find me. I was hiding inside some boxes... Luckily I fit in them.

"It was all a bet between Luke and Louis! Please come out!"

A bet?

I walked out of the box and looked at Harry. My eyes were watery but I was trying not to shed any tears.

"Selena are you okay?" Harry hugged me and kissed my forehead. I looked up at him and nodded trying be act fine.

"Omg Selena! I was looking all over for you!" Louis ran over to me and hugged me. I pulled away from the hug.

"What's wrong?" He acted like he didn't do anything wrong.

"What's wrong!? That's all you have to say after you and Luke made a stupid bet over me!? I was falling hard for you Louis and all you do is play with my feeling? What the fuck Louis! I thought I could trust you! All you do is hurt me! This is the same reason I've hated you all these years! I'm going over to your house and getting all my clothes and leaving! I'm living on the street I rather be there than be with a Jerk like you!" By the time I finished saying that I was crying. Harry left me and Louis alone. I'm glad he did cause I had to give Louis a piece of my mind. Once I had the guts to look up at Louis, he was crying.

OMG did I make him cry??.... He deserves it.....

"I-I-I'm sorry..." Was all he said.

I walked away from Louis still having tears in my eyes.

"What's wrong?" Harry hugged me but I moved away," Selena?"

I ran to the woods because they were near the fair. After what felt like 2 hours, I found a beautiful waterfall with a pink and white flowers by it. It looked relaxing ,so I sat down on a big boulder.

"Found my secret spot..." I looked back to someone who said that...

"Hey Louis..." I saw him coming closer to me.

"Are you still mad?" His deep blue eyes were all I could look at.

"I wasn't mad..." I looked over to the waterfall.

"Then what were you?" I looked back and him... That answer was simple.


"Selena... I'm really sorry. At first it was all a joke that Luke and I played... I have to admit... You made me fall for you without you even knowing it... Your everything I think about now.. All I do is worry that Luke or Harry might win you over... I really care about you."

Did he just say I made him fall for me?...... I mean... I don't even know what to believe anymore.. He played with my feeling and now he just did it because he "cared"?

"Louis... I-" Before I could continue Louis pressed his lips on mine. I kissed him back and it felt like a thousand fireworks were thrown.

I love him.

"I love you," I smiled.....

Did Louis just admit he Loved me?? Maybe it was my imagination... Louis doesn't Love.... He just doesn't.


4 ways to find out if someone likes you:

1) if you catch him looking at you and he just smiles then looks away or he just smiles and keeps looking at you.. He likes you!

2) if his friends tell you he likes someone but they don't want to tell you who.... Or if they say ask him... He does like you!

3) if his friends make fun of him when he talks to you... He has a crush on you or they start talking about a random topic when you come over... They might be talking about you... And that's good :P

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