Selena was always cheerful and Happy with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
After her parents leaving for a "little vacation" she has to move away to Australia and finds the one and only Louis Tomlinson: The "Heartbreaker". She goes threw heartbreaks, damage, choices, and Suicidal Thoughts ,but who would help her?


10. Things Never Change

Chapter 8)


What now? I'm sleepy!

"Go away!" I covered my face with my pink pillow.

"Selena! It's 12 in the afternoon!" Louis pulled my pillow away and kissed my cheek.

"Hey handsome."

"Hey beautiful! Wake up! I made you breakfast!"

I got up and hugged him. He went to the kitchen and came back with chocolate chip pancakes. I started eating them.

He's a good cook.... I know I should mention to him what happened when he said 'I love you' those words don't escape my head... It's all I think about.......

"Luke's here to pick you up... He said he'd take you to the mall."

"I should go get ready!" I got up and hugged Louis.

I walked into the bathroom and started taking a shower. I was shampooing my hair when I heard the door open. I ignored the noise, I'm probably just imagining stuff.

I washed my hair then saw a shadow behind the curtain.

"Babe?" Is that Harry?

"Who's there?!?" I was so freaked out.

"It's Harry! I'm going in yeah?"

"Harry get out!"

Why would he want to come in!? Omg.. I don't even know what to think!

I got out of the shower and started changing into a pink Eiffel Tower crop top and black high waisted shorts. I put on my mascara and lipgloss.

"I'm ready!" I walked into the living room and found a note:

Okay so.... Your probably wondering why I left this note :P I went to the park with Katy... You probably know her as 'Harry's girlfriend' :) well I'll see what happens between her and me ,but good luck with Luke today we said he'd pick you up at 2 pm :D



I looked at the time and saw there was 15 minutes left.

Wait so that wasn't Harry's girlfriend? I mean they kissed!! ..... Did Louis not mean what he said about him "Loving me"? Ugh.....


"Hey Selena!" Luke hugged me and handed me a dozen of pink roses. Omg I don't even know what to say to that... I was just a joke yesterday..

"Luke before we go... Can I ask you a question?" He nodded his head so I continued," Am I just a joke? I mean just yesterday I was part of a bet.."

"Nooo! You were a bet ,but I fell inlove with you!"

He said exactly what Louis said!! What's their deal?

"Okay... I'm not feeling well... I'll see you tomorrow yeah?" He hugged me and left.

Selena! Go look through your window! Hurry!! -Lxx

I ran to my room and looked threw my window. Louis was outside holding a big poster that said:

Please be mine! ❤️

His friends were holding chocolate boxes and roses. I ran downstairs failing to catch myself after I skipped a step. When I reached the door I hugged Louis and he pressed him soft lips against mine.

"I love you so much!" He said it again.

Omg... I feel like this is all a dream!

"Selena! Yeah you were sick!" Luke was all angry and looked like he was gonna beat Louis up. Harry was right next to him with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Luke..." I saw Luke getting closer to Louis, before I could stop Luke.... he hit Louis the stomach. Louis pushed Luke to the Floor and right before he could hit him on the face is stopped them.

"Selena he's just using you! Louis even texted me that yesterday! But I love you for real!" Luke took his phone out and threw it over to me. I read the messages.

Lxx: Luke looks like I'm winning

Luke xx: Louis I really like her. Can I really have a chance with her?

Lxx: nope she's all over me so F*ck off!

Luke xx: she's more than a bet to me now!

I looked at the messages 2 times making sure I wasn't imagining that.

He was using me.... He just played me... I gave him my heart and what did he do? Just throw it away! Was that all I was? A stupid bet? But that's not the worst part! Harry let it Happen!!


What to do in a sad moment:

1) Never think about something more sad or something funny because it'll break you down

2) Try not to focus to much on the thing that is happening... Listen to a song or try to focus on things that can make you smile without crying.

3) Always let the tears out. Maybe on a friends shoulder, or in your room on your pillow. You just have to let the tears escape sometimes.

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