Selena was always cheerful and Happy with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
After her parents leaving for a "little vacation" she has to move away to Australia and finds the one and only Louis Tomlinson: The "Heartbreaker". She goes threw heartbreaks, damage, choices, and Suicidal Thoughts ,but who would help her?


1. Inturruption

Chapter 1:

Why can I be with him? Why is he so goddamn adorable? I just wish I could just scream out to the world," I LOVE HARRY STYLES!" But I can't ruin my friendship with him because he has been my best friend since Kinder! Preschool! He's dating Lesley anyway. He's totally inlove with her...

"Selena!!!!!" Harry screamed breaking my thoughts.

"What are you doing here! My mom will kill you!" I said opening my window for him.

"I tried calling you but I remembered that you forgot it at my house..... Well here!" He handed me my iPhone and hugged me.

He's a great hugger! He's so warm and he has muscles and his eyes, his lips-

"Yeah?" Harry asked

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"Are you still talking to Lesley? She said that you wouldn't talk to her at practice after she accidentally didn't catch you. She feels really bad."

I looked at Harry and said," oh yeah I did talk to her but not that much cause I was trying to focus.. You know?"

"Oh okay," he said with a cheeky smile.

He's so perfect. His dimples are showing!!

I poked his dimple like I always did. He laughed and started tickling me.

"Ha-..... Harry!!!!...... St-.... Stop!!!!," I said between breathes.

He picked me up and laid me on my bed, omg he's getting closer... And closer... OMG we're gonna kis-

"SELENA! DINNERS READY!" My mom screamed.

"Selena I think I have to go..." Harry said moving away.

My mom ruined my perfect moment! We were gonna kiss!!!

"Yeah... Hurry!!" I whispered.

"Okay I'll hurry but.....," he always wanted something in exchange of leaving because my mom hated him,"You have to talk to Louis.. Remember him? The Heartbreaker."

"Why!? He's annoying and I don't need a stupid guy texting me he wants to fuck me.." I explained.

"I'm not leaving until you text him!" Harry protested.

"Fine! Don't leave but my mom is gonna hate you even more!"


Harry sat down on my bed and turned the tv on. He up the Simpsons on and started laughing at what was happening. I sat down next to him and I cuddled next to him. He started hugging me and looked up at him, he started leaning closer and closer. Just when our lips were about to touch-

"SELENA!" My mom was always ruining my perfect moment.

"Harry!" I turned the tv off.

"Hey I was watching that!"

"My moms gonna kill me! You have to go!"

"Text Louis first!"

I grabbed my phone and started looking for Louis number. Once I found it I texted:

Hey ~xx Selena

I showed Harry and helped him out.

Finally!.......... Will Louis answer me? It's not like I care if he does.... It's just Louis the Jerk... He never answers just anyone... Well i am the cheer captain so.......

I changed into my favorite jeans and a floral blouse. I put my bracelets on covering my scars from when my ex boyfriend used to hurt me.

That's how I met Harry actually... And Louis... They both helped me through Caleb....

"Selena! Get down NOW!" My mom screamed.

I put my phone on my closet and double checked Harry hadn't leave anything in my room. I then ran down stairs as fast as I could but ended up almost tripping. When I got down not only did I find my grades on the table but I saw Harry sitting down on the sofa watching tv. Harry looked over at me and gave me a smile, while my mom gave me a 'I'm gonna kill you' look.

What did Harry do now?


3 ways how to make a good first impression on a guys:

1. Wear a solid color instead of a pattern or print. Scientifically, it's supposed to convey more power and trustworthiness.

2. Wear something with bare shoulders- guys are hardwired to be attracted to that.

3. The stiffer you stand, the more you look like you don’t want to be bothered. Look relaxed instead of rigid or uncomfortable.

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