Selena was always cheerful and Happy with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
After her parents leaving for a "little vacation" she has to move away to Australia and finds the one and only Louis Tomlinson: The "Heartbreaker". She goes threw heartbreaks, damage, choices, and Suicidal Thoughts ,but who would help her?


2. Good News?

Chapter 2:

"Selena... Why did you invite Harry to Dinner if you know I don't like him!?" My mom whispered-yelled at me in the kitchen.

That's what Harry did! Why would he want to come to dinner?

"I though since his mom wasn't there and he didn't know how to cook he could maybe come here?" I asked more than answered.

That wasn't a total lie.... His mom wasn't there but he did know how to cook... He works in a Bakery, he has to know how to make something.

"Okay... But I have news..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~ after dinner ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Harry stop my mom needs to talk," I whispered.

Harry was trying to poke my stomach ,but I kept slapping his hand away. He moved closer to me and licked my arm.

"Harry... That's gross!" I wiped my arm off.

"You taste good," Harry smirked.

"Are you happy with the News!?" My mom asked with a smile.

"What news?" Me and Harry asked in unison.

"The tickets to Calofornia!"

She was joking right?? I can't leave Harry here and just leave to some unknown place because my mom tells me to!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is Harry okay? I mean I know he helped me pack yesterday and he's gonna drive me to the Airport. Also Has Liam, Niall and Zayn are gonna be there to take me to the airport. Is he gonna be alright? He okay with it? He has Lesley so he'll be fine.

"Debbie are you ready??" I rolled my eyes and looked at my packed Suitcase.

"Yeah... I'll be down in a second!"

Hey Selena... Long time no talk! -Lxx

Yeah :) how are you? ~xx Selena

Just waiting for my flight so I'm pretty good ~Lxx

"Selena! Your little friends are here!" My mom sounded annoyed.

I ran down stairs and hugged them one by one. I went to my mom and dad and told them I would meet them in California. I had my cousins and Aunts there so I would stay with them for a day.

-skipping to the airport-

"I'm gonna miss you Liam. Niall. Zayn." I was teary now

"Me too cutie pie," that was my little nickname for Niall, Zayn and Liam. I've been hugging them but Harry was just sitting down waiting for his turn.

After Liam, Niall and Zayn left, I sat next to Harry.

"What's my flight number?" I asked Harry...

I hate looking at him all sad... Maybe I shouldn't go.. I don't want to hurt him... Maybe he's just acting all sad and after this he's gonna have a date with Lesley.

"It's flight number 3... That's what your mom said."

"Flight number 3....... Flight number 3" The flight lady announced

Harry got up and helped me up too.

"I'm gonna miss you Kitty."

It felt like it was yesterday when he fight got me that nickname.. He thinks I'm a cute kitty so he calls me that... I just love him so much...

"I'm gonna miss you too Curly," I started to shed tears.

He's always been great at giving me hugs and making me feel special... Wait did he just look at my lips?

Harry started to lean in... Closer... And closer until our lips were touching.


"Selena... I Love you... More than friends..."

Now!??!?? Now he tells me? When I have to go?

"Flight 3 is leaving in 3 minutes."

"Bye Harry..." I ran to the plane after I kissed him for the last time.

Will I ever see him again?

"Flight 3 to Australia is now taking off Please put your seatbelt on."

Australia!?? I thought I was going to California!

"Mam please take a seat next to this Gentleman."

"Sorry I'm on the wrong plane," I explained

"Ticket please," I gave her my ticket and she smiled," this is the right plane."

My parents showed me the tickets! Well 2 of them and they said California.... Were they getting rid of me!?


3 funny things to do at school:

1. Wink at the teacher and say “hey sexy"

2. If you come to class late one day and the teacher yells at you, snap back, “Quit whining, you’re still getting paid!”

3. Write in the school bathroom, "Objects in mirror may be dumber than they appear."

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