Selena was always cheerful and Happy with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
After her parents leaving for a "little vacation" she has to move away to Australia and finds the one and only Louis Tomlinson: The "Heartbreaker". She goes threw heartbreaks, damage, choices, and Suicidal Thoughts ,but who would help her?


5. Dates

Chapter 5)

~ Selena's POV~

"Selena! Luke is waiting outside for you!"

Luke and I are going to our first date, he asked me out yesterday after Louis and I got back from the mall.

Should I go on this date? I mean Luke is really cute and stuff but I can't get over Har-


Hey Kitty! I miss you so much I hope California is fun! The lads miss you too <3 Kitty... I broke up with Lesley. I can't stop thinking about you! Lots of love -Hazza xx

Hazza texted me!? I mean we haven't talk for a week.... Now I feel really bad for going on this date... But I can't just tell Luke I'm not gonna go on the date... I'll just go and tell him I just want him as a friend...

"You ready?" Luke was waiting outside and Louis was staring at me with a little smirk on his face.

I can answer Harry later

"Yeah. I'm going now." I walked down stairs and hugged Luke.

"Hey Cutie."

Cutie.... Cutie pie.... Reminds me of Liam... Niall.... And Zayn...

"Hey handsome. Where are we going?" He said it would be a surprise and til now he won't tell me.

- 1 hour later -

We finally got to the place Luke wanted to go to.

A carnival? I love these!!

"Omg! I love carnivals!! They're so fun!!" Luke smile and nodded in agreement.

We walked inside and headed over to the photo booth. We started posing for pictures...

1) We made a funny face

2) We took a normal picture

3) We stuck our tongues out

4) last one... I made a kissy face but right when two second were left... Luke kissed me.

Next, we started playing a dart game. A tall brunette girl started playing next to us but couldn't keep her eyes off Luke...

"Well hey sexy." She winked at Luke.

"Hey! Se-" I looked over at him waiting for him to continue.

"-Selena.. And I are on a date..." He just saved himself.

It's a bad idea being here... There's like 1000s of girls staring at Luke.. I have to admit they are way prettier than me...

"You can ditch her for me! I'm Sexy!" She moved closer to Luke and was about to kiss him.

Omg I should just walk aw-

"I have a girlfriend! It's Selena!" He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Doesn't look like it! She's to ugly for you!" Wow.... No words for that

"She's beautiful and I'm not gonna leave her for anyone!"

Awwwwwwwwww <3 that was the sweetest thing any guy said to me!!

-Luke's POV-

Just said that to get extra points. I'll get that girls number later then hook up with her. She was capital H-O-T

"That's your loss because I can get any guy here." She kept playing with the darts. I moved away from Selena and went to go get us some popcorn.

~Selena's POV~

I kept playing darts and saw the girl kept looking at me.

"Do you have a problem?" I was so straight out. She rolled her eyes and have me a glare.

"What did a cat eat your tongue?" She looked over at me and saw Luke coming closer.

"Hey babe!"

Did she call Luke her babe!?

"Umm.... I brought you popcorn Selena!" I smiled sweetly and started eating some popcorn.

"Did you see what she was just doing?" I looked over at the brunette and saw she was talking about me.

What did I do? I was just playing.. And being kinda mean but I didn't do anything.

"What did she do?" Luke looked over at me.

"She was all over....... Ummm.... Him!" She pointed at a tall guy with

Curly hair!!?? Is that him..... It can't be...... Can it???



What's the best thing to do in an awkward situation?

1) Keep your phone on you at all times. Pretend to text someone. You can't also pretend to talk on the phone with someone.

2) Say “awkward.” Because that always makes thing less awkward.

3) Flee from the scene. Just leave it'll make it easier 😂😂

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