If I Leave You

Keaira Matthews is a nurse on the battlefield of one of the deadliest wars in history: World War 2. She has left her family and friends to help other people in need. When she gets hit by an enemy bullet while helping a wounded soldier get off the battlefield, she is told she most likely isn't going to survive. This is an inspirational story about a woman and her fight for life.


1. The Man Covered In Crimson

My eyes glance upon the battlefield. Men were standing at their posts. Some here. and some there. I hear gunshots fire. My brain tells me to see many men that had fallen. I run to the first one I can find. Dead. I go to the second man. Only wounded. I pick him up and start to drag him over towards the hospital area. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. Looking down, I see the color crimson spread through the fibers of my shirt. My vision starts blackening around the edges. The blackness gets closer and closer to the midst of my eyesight. I finally reach the tent. Then I collapse. I start to wonder if I am dead, for I look to the side and see a man in white. Then my eyesight blurs momentarily, and I feel a great surge of pain in my abdomen. When my eyesight finally focuses, I look to the side again. All I see is a man drenched in crimson. The soldier I had carried here. Wait, where was I? I can't even remember. The blackness reaches the middle of my eyesight. I black out.

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