The Dying Games

Twenty four kids. New rules. The Hunger Games has returned-and worse than before.Allies. Traitors. Deaths. The Dying Games has begun.(Comment on anything you want to happen in the Games.)


6. District 9-Joe

After my parents leave, I wonder, 'Is this the last time I'll ever see them?' I shake my tiny head, long blonde hair falling into my eyes; I brush it away. I'm small for my age- the size of a third grader. Kids at school call me 'pipsqueak' all the time, but I know they're just teasing. My friend Jacob doesn't even notice.

Jacob walks in,

 "Moe!" (he always calls me Moe) "Are you okay?" I shrug, when really I just want to cry. He pats my back,

 "You can do it," I'm not sure if he means win or cry. I nod,

 "Come on its not that hard," I look over at him. What is he talking about?

"Um...hello crazy! Yes, it is hard! The other districts have trained tributes! I can't even tell which side of an arrow is which!" I sigh in frustration. Jacob rolls his eyes. I manage a smile. Much more Joe-like,

"Just climb a tree! Hide there until the end!" I laugh.

"Other tributes know how to climb trees, you know," I say. Jacob laughs his laugh.

"Yes, I suppose that's true," he says thoughtfully. Although..."

"Jacob!" I cry with happiness. Then I frown. "I guess this is it, then."

"Good luck out there, little buddy." Jacob says sadly, "I'll see you soon. When you come back, we'll all be waiting." I nod. " I hear your parter's a real drama queen, though." he whispers which makes me laugh.

"Bye," I say. Then he leaves.

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