The Dying Games

Twenty four kids. New rules. The Hunger Games has returned-and worse than before.Allies. Traitors. Deaths. The Dying Games has begun.(Comment on anything you want to happen in the Games.)


11. District 4-Dorsey

The other tribute is so weird. We mostly keep to ourselves, but every now and then he'll say something totally off-topic. He stutters. Then I just go and hang out with my mentor-Morgan. She's soooo nice, with her long black hair in braids. She's really tall, too. 

Yesterday she and our personal manager-Charles- taught us stuff like 'how to win' and 'proper ettiquite in the Capitol'. This is how my class with Charles went:

1 Trevor and I walk into the room. We take our seats at a round table covered with lace. There are tea cups, a bowl with sugar and cream, and a pitcher of tea.

2 Charles enters. He has electric blue hair and freckles.

3 We have tea. Trevor spills it on his "$120 soccer jersey". Yeah right. He freaks.

4 Trevor runs out of the room.

5 Charles screams "You two monsters have the worst ettiquite EVER!" Seriously, like we're gonna need that in the games.

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