The Dying Games

Twenty four kids. New rules. The Hunger Games has returned-and worse than before.Allies. Traitors. Deaths. The Dying Games has begun.(Comment on anything you want to happen in the Games.)


4. District 1-Brady

That really weird man(at least I think he's a man) calls my name. As I'm walking up to the stage all I can think about is how I could be playing football right now, baseball, or any other sport, really, instead of this.

Suddenly I'm up on the stage and everyone's looking at me. Am I supposed to do something? Then something surges through me that I've never felt before but will, again. I think they call it nervousness? Anyway, the other tribute looks like she has it too and is probably thinking a mile a minute. The weird man calls for volunteers and it's silent. I glance at my family, but there's nothing they can, or want, to do. I'm a tough guy, beat the push up and sit up test at school, so I'm not crying. Instead, I'm grinning. You are probably thinking, 'He is stupid!', but I know what goes on in these games. A scrawny person will come in and think that they'll automatically get a sponsor. But no, you have to work hard. I'm really strong, and handy with a knife. I'm also really funny. Cute too. I'll automatically win over the audience. I grip Quincy's hand to shake it, and accidently squeeze too hard. Her hand is warm. And, now, purple. I let go.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Brady Nathaniel and Quincy Jones!" We look at each other. She's smiling a friendly smile. Mine says: I'm so going to kill you first chance I get.

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