The Dying Games

Twenty four kids. New rules. The Hunger Games has returned-and worse than before.Allies. Traitors. Deaths. The Dying Games has begun.(Comment on anything you want to happen in the Games.)


2. District 12-Ryan

I stare out into space, my mind wandering. I look over at my two sisters. I don't want to admit it, but I am scared. Not only for me, but for my family. I chuckle nervously which earns me some cold and questioning stares. We arrive and I gasp because I have never seen anything like it before. After Panem collapsed for the second time, they rebuilt district 12, so everything is fairly shiny and new, but not like this. 

My district is known for mining, so I'm wearing a grey shirt and khaki pants. I blend in well with my surroundings. There is a big stage set up in front and a huge microphone up there. I gulp. Everyone there is sweating. The kids have stubborn looks on their faces, thinking, 'I will not be picked I will not be picked I will NOT be picked.' A big bubble forms in my throat. I notice kids putting on their brave faces, parents trying not to cry. Then I notice a girl. She looks pretty, with dirty blonde hair. I haven't seen her before, but she looks strong. Then again, everyone in District 12 is strong. We all work from day until dusk.

The girl looks at me, and I see something. Something I've never seen before. Determination. Before I can even think about it, though, a woman with too much makeup walks up to the stage.

"Welcome," she says. "To the reaping for the 1st Dying Games!" No one smiles. She frowns. "Well, anyway, ladies first!" She walks over to a pedestal and sticks her hand inside a glass ball filled with folded note cards. She pulls out one and I hear a sharp intake of breath. The woman opens her mouth to speak and one kid bursts out crying. The woman gets a perplexed look on her face, then shrugs it off. "Lily Green," she says. The girl I saw earlier screams in horror. I just pray that I will not get picked and have to fight against her.

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