The Dying Games

Twenty four kids. New rules. The Hunger Games has returned-and worse than before.Allies. Traitors. Deaths. The Dying Games has begun.(Comment on anything you want to happen in the Games.)


1. District 12-Lily

I jump out of bed, and A chill goes down my spine. All I remember is a face of a woman, whispering 'Lily'. I shiver. Today is the day -The Reaping for the 1st Dying Games. I crawl out of bed and look at the dress my mother had set out for me, blue with a white collar which I carefully put on. Then tie my hair in a braid, which I NEVER do, but its time for changes.

I stand in front of the mirror, and twirl. My dress flies around me. I snort. I look like a classic schoolgirl,

"Lily! Get ready to go!" my mother's voice calls from downstairs. Her voice is quivering: a sure sign that she is also afraid - just like me.

"Mom?" I ask while she slips my feet into black, buckled shoes,

"Yes?" she trembles,

"There's no chance of me-" my voice cracks. "No chance of me... being picked?" Tears threaten to pour. My mother looks at me sadly,

"Oh... no! Sweetie... you're only 12! You won't be entered as many times as some of the other kids here!" I smile a sad smile.

"You're right. May-Maybee I'm just making a big deal out of nothing." My mother finishes buckling my shoes.

"There. Now, you look as pretty as a dream. Now come on. Your father's bringing your brother,"


As we ride in the car, I stare out the window. 'This could be the last time I see it.' I think. I softly say goodbye to the world around me. Then, we've arrived.

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