Clash of Eras

Two years of peace in Arendelle soon comes to an end after the reigning of a new evil. Elsa and Jack Frost must team together with the new friends they make in order to conquer their past and be able to have a future..


5. Wedding Crashers

    Nobody said anything for a few seconds. I could feel Jack tense up as if he got busted but I was still confused.

    “Problem?” I asked.

    “There’s nothing to worry about Elsa.” Jack tried to wave it off.

    “Jack.” the trolls insisted.

    “What’s going on ?” I asked the trolls.

    “Follow us your majesty.” they said as the began to roll away. Before Jack could stop me I was already running towards where they wanted me to go. Thankfully they didn’t take me to the town, but they did lead me into the forest. The deeper we went into the forest, the worse of a feeling I got in my gut.

    “Where are you taking me?” I called out to the trolls. As soon as I asked they had stopped rolling and went right into their natural form.

    “Look.” one of them said as they pointed ahead of them. We had stopped at a small clearing with tall grass and surrounded by trees, however what was in front of me didn’t match the picture. The trees on front of us were almost ripped to shreds, snapped up, and half of them were dead.

    “What did this?” I murmured stepping closer to observe the damage. Something big had to have torn the trees apart as if on a rampage. By the looks of the damage this creature was huge, maybe slightly smaller than Marshmallow but way more ferocious. I was lost in thought thinking about what could have possibly done this when I heard Jack start to panic.

    “Oh this isn’t good.” He said looking at a particular spot on the ground a few feet ahead. I walked over to him and noticed what he was looking at. Three sets of footprints. Except one was very strange… it started off as bear tracks then suddenly became tracks of a normal person, and they were all headed towards the castle.

    “No.” I gasped as got up to follow the tracks. When I was getting to a run Jack scooped me off of the ground and flew us back towards the castle still following the footsteps.

    “Three. There are three sets.” I started to panic.

    “I know.” Jack nodded. He looked down at the trolls rolling with us. “Get the other guardians and tell them to come to the castle.” They didn’t hesitate, they rolled in different directions to accomplish their task.

    “But who could have-?”

    “I don’t know.” I heard a little edge to his voice, meaning one thing.

    “What else are you hiding from me Jack?”

    He wasn’t able to give me an answer but what did was the screaming coming from the castle. As Jack and I got closer to it, we saw that people were running out of the reception full of terror. He set me down as we approached the entrance and that’s when we heard it, a roar that I felt all the way down to my core and made my heart drop in my chest. I looked to Jack and he looked like both terrified and curious.

    “What was that?” I asked.

    “I’ve never heard that before.” We stepped into the reception afraid of what we would see. When we stepped in it was far worse than I could have imagined. There were tables and chairs thrown and overturned everywhere, there was food splattered on the walls and broken plates all over the floor, people hiding behind tables and my sister and Kristoff fighting off a giant bear with a table. That’s when I noticed two people who weren’t a part of the madness that was taking place. Instead they were just standing there watching it all occur, laughing. That’s when they turned around to see Jack and I.

    “Oh you’re here, so glad you could join us.” Hans smiled wickedly. Jack got defensive beside me but I stepped forward.

    “You.” I hissed.

    “The one and only.” he mockingly bowed. I raised my hand to attack, but the bear growled at me and nearly knocked me off my feet.

    “Mor’du, relax. Now is not the time.” Hans snapped. He slowly faced me and walked towards us.

    “I know this may be a surprise Elsa, but you should have known that this was coming to you.” he smirked.

    “Bullshit!” Anna exclaimed as she whipped a glass towards his head. Just before it could smash into him, it halted and just dropped to the floor. We all looked to see the other hooded figure standing where Hans was. They dropped their hood and revealed a woman, older with jet black hair and striking green eyes.

    “I’d be careful if I were you sweet heart. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to the bride on her wedding day now would we.” she scoffed at Anna.

    “Who are you?” Anna snapped.

    “Y-you.” a shaky voice said from under a table. The person crawled out from their place along with another person, Rapunzel and Eugene.

    “Long time no see Rapunzel.” the woman said.

    “You’re supposed to be dead!” she exclaimed but Eugene held her back.

    “That’s quite rude to just assume things like that. I thought as a mother I taught you better.” she pouted.

    “You’re. Not. My. Mother. Gothel.” Rapunzel spat each word with more anger than the previous one.

    “That’s enough princess.” Hans interrupted. “We aren’t here for a reunion, we’re here for business.”

    “Well you should know that a meeting with me needs to be requested then accepted.” I said.

    “Exactly. And I knew you wouldn’t accept any request I gave, so I thought this would be a good way to get my business to you.” he stated sardonically. “Plus it gave a nice dramatic entrance for me, wouldn’t you agree?” he asked Anna.

    “And what is your business, exactly?” I asked bitterly.

    “Well I just wanted to let you know that things are going to be changing around here. And by here I mean Arendelle of course. See I wasn’t completely thrilled when I got kicked out of the kingdom last time, even after I took such good care of it while you two were gone. I liked being in charge… and you took that away” He said casting glances at everyone. “So basically i want it back.” He finished glaring at me.

    Before I could say anything Jack stepped forward.

    “Is that a threat?” He sneered.

    “No Frosty… more like a warning. You have three days to surrender the throne to me and leave Arendelle. And if you don’t… well lets just say I have some more friends you probably don’t want to meet.” Hans said with an evil smirk.

Tension filled the room. We all stared at each other with confusion and fear, I felt Jack move closer beside me.

    “You’re insane if you think that I would just abandon my people.” I countered trying to hide my fear. What other friends did he have?

    “Call me what you will now, but in three days time I’ll be known as King, whether you choose to leave or not.” Hans said.

    At that moment Jack brought out his staff and shot an ice ray at Hans and Gothel knocking them back. Then the bear or Mor’du lunged at Jack whose focus was still on Hans.

    “Jack!!” I screamed getting ready to attack but the bear never hit him. Instead the bear was retreating in pain, with an arrow lodged in its shoulder.

    I looked over across the hall to see a girl with insanely curly red hair and blue eyes, about to launch another arrow at the bear. Jack retreated back to my side, all of us staring at this new stranger who seemed to be on our aid. She launched her arrow but this time not at the bear, but at a man who was standing in the exact spot as the bear. The arrow flew over the man's head and instead of launching another arrow the girl stood in shock. This new man smiled and with this moment of hesitation he, Gothel and Hans ran for the window and escaped, but not before Hans yelled over his shoulder,

    “Three days!”

    Nobody said a word as we all gave some time to let Hans’ words sink in.

    It was Anna who spoke first after all of this.

    “I want guards searching everywhere for those freaks! I want them found and found now because if they think that they can come in here and ruin my wedding, oh hell no! I’ll find them myself if i have too!” Anna screamed walking towards the window.

    “Anna calm down.” Kristoff said grabbing her shoulder. “I’m sure the guards will find them and if not Jack and the guardians will, and I have no doubt the trolls will help too.”

    “He’s right.” Jack said assuringly. “I’ll let them know what happened and we’ll find them before anything gets really bad.”

    “Um aren’t we forgetting something?” Rapunzel asked gesturing to the girl with the arrows who was staring at the spot where the bear was in shock.

    “Right.” I said. I started to walk cautiously towards her. She didn’t seem to notice until I was about ten steps away and thats when she raised her arrow at me.

    “Woah! Hey, it’s okay I just want to talk” I said with my hands up.

    “Whats going on here?!” She yelled with what sounded like a Scottish accent. “Who are you?! Where am I?!” She yelled again now pointing her weapon at Jack who was now at my side.

    “Hey listen we are just as confused as you are but we just want to talk. To do that you have to put down your weapon.” Jack started. He placed his staff on the ground to show he was serious. To our surprise she lowered her bow, but her attitude toned down with confusion.

    “I’ve never seen him do that before. He wasn’t able to do that. That must be why the wisps sent me here.” The girl said making absolutely no sense.

    “I’m sorry. Who wasn’t able to do what?” I asked.

    “Mor’du.” She answered looking me right in the eyes. “The spell was supposed to keep him a bear for the rest of his life and could never turn back to his human form.” She explained.

    “How do you know that?” Jack asked defensively.

    “Because I fought him before, and that same spell was used on my mum. He is supposed to be dead.” she sneered that last part.

    “Who are you?” Rapunzel asked. Something about her seemed different, there was a certain power and confidence to her voice, something only royals have.

    “I am Princess Merida of Dunbroch.” she said. “And apparently it’s my fate to be here with you.”

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