Clash of Eras

Two years of peace in Arendelle soon comes to an end after the reigning of a new evil. Elsa and Jack Frost must team together with the new friends they make in order to conquer their past and be able to have a future..


4. The Ceremony

  “So all the tables are set up in proper order?” I asked my butler.

    “Yes your Majesty. The flowers are still being arranged for the ceremony, but the reception is done.” Alfred updated.

    “Thank you.” I sighed with relief. “Dinner? Are there any problems regarding-?”

    “Queen Elsa, everything is perfect.” he assured me. “You have done very well in planning your sister’s wedding.”

    “She’s my sister. Of course I would make sure everything’s perfect.” I smiled.

    “Well there’s only one thing you should worry about Your Majesty.”

    “And what would that be?” I panicked.

    “For the bride’s maid of honour to be ready for the wedding.” he chuckled. I took a look at myself in the reflection and gasped. My ice dress was fine, but my hair was coming out of my braid and I had dark circles under my exhausted eyes.

    “Oh my.” I gasped in embarrassment.

    “Get some rest my Queen. The wedding does not take place for another eight hours.” he advised.

    “Thank you. I will be in my chambers if anyone is looking for me.”

    “And I shall advise them not to disturb you.” he bowed and winked before walking away. Without a second thought I headed towards my room so I could get as much beauty sleep as I could. When I was walking down the hallway, I felt exhaustion buckle my knees and my body collapse towards the floor.

    “Whoa there Elsa.” a pair of strong arms caught me before I could bash my head against the cold hard ground. I looked up and the first thing I saw was blond hair.

    “Thank you Kristoff.” I groaned as he brought me to my feet. I leaned against him so I wouldn’t fall over again.

    “Where were you going?” he asked holding me up.

    “My bed so I can sleep.” I yawned. “The question is where are you going?”

    “To see my bride.”

    “You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

    “No. She actually requested I see her.”

    “But it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”

    “No. It’s bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding… Don’t ask how I know that.”

    “Fair enough.” I sighed. “Just let me know if you two need anything.”

    “Elsa, you’ve done enough. I think you’ve done more planning than the actual celebrants.” he laughed.

    “Well I want this day to be perfect for my sister.”

    “And you’re my soon to be my sister in- law. I care about you too, and you’re part of this wedding. I say you need to rest up for tonight.”

    “Did you just order the Queen to do something?” I playfully gasped.

    “No. Your future brother in-law told you to get some sleep and try to relax.” We stopped in front of my bedroom door.

    “I will be doing so. I’ll see you in a few hours.” I smiled.

    “Make sure to tell ice man not to be late. I want both of my best men to be there.” Kristoff said before I stepping inside.

    “Hey it’s not like anyone can see me.” Jack said behind me.

    “Jack!” I practically screamed. “You scared me.”

    “You’re the one who told me not to leave remember?”

    “I meant don’t leave the kingdom, not don’t leave my room.” I smiled walking towards him. he held me close and kissed my forehead.

    “You know I wouldn’t leave. Not after being without you for months.” he said. I wrapped my arms around him.

    “I know.”

    “You should probably listen to your future brother in-law. You look like you’re ready to collapse.”

    “I feel ready to collapse.” Jack scooped me up into his arms and flew me to my bed. I didn’t even bother changing out of my cloths, i just let my body relax the second my back hit the mattress. Jack was about to walk away, but I grabbed onto the cloth of his sweater.

    “Stay.” He took my hand and lay down beside me. I snuggled closer to him as he held me close to his cold figure.

    “Can you wake me up in an hour? I have to get ready for the wedding.”

    “Of course. Don’t want the maid of honour to look unkept.”

    “How about you best man?” I teased.

    “He he chose two for a reason.” he reminded me. “People won’t see me.”    

    “The people that matter will.”

    “Since when do dukes and duchesses not matter?” Jack snorted.

    “I could care less about them. If Anna didn’t want such an extravagant wedding, we would only have people close to us attend.”

    “Small wedding. You’re looking at 10, maybe 20 people.”

    “Exactly. That’s what i’d want.” Jack gave me a look, but I ended the conversation before it could go any further.

    “I need sleep.” I groaned once exhaustion slapped me in the face. “You can go if you want to, I feel bad for keeping you here.”

    “I missed you Ica. I want to stay with you.” he said draping his arm across my waist.

    “Seriously Jack. I’m just taking a nap.” I assured him. Jack pursed his lips and kissed my forehead.

    “Okay, I have to ask North something anyway.” he said grabbing his staff from my dresser.

    “I almost forgot the other guardians were coming. Just make sure you’re back in an hour.”

    “I won’t be far. I think they’re with the trolls.” he said opening the balcony door.

    “Jack.” I stopped him. “What are you asking him?” He blinked, thinking of an answer to give me.

    “Just stuff about tonight. Don’t worry about it okay?” I nodded, still skeptical about his choice of words.

    “I love you Jack.” I said before he stepped out.

    “I love you too.” he replied before shutting the door and flying off the balcony.

********** Jack’s POV********

I flew off the balcony towards the mountains to where the trolls call home. Something strange has been happening the past few days. The air has been different for the first time in two years. I had the same feeling in my gut when Pitch came to Arendelle to corrupt Elsa. Something was going to happen, maybe not today but soon.

I landed by the large rocks North had told me about and started walking towards the clearing. When I was about to walk into the area, something rolled onto my toes.

“OW!” I yelped in pain and grabbed my foot to rub out the pain. I looked down to see several rocks rolling towards the centre of the field.

“Jack!” I heard North call out. He walked over to me as the rolling rocks halted and flipped into the trolls.

“Hey North.” I said limping toward him.

“Come, Grandpabi will be able to help with that.” he said patting me on the back and leading me in.    

    “Sorry Jack!” a little voice called from underneath me.

    “It’s okay little one.” i said sitting down on the edge of the clearing; wrong move considering a geyser erupted right beside me and scared me more than I would like to admit. A larger rock rolled in front of me and flipped into who I assume was Grandpabi.

“May I see?” he asked gesturing to my foot. I lifted it toward him and he took it. He pointed a finger towards my swelling toes and magic started to flow onto my injury. immediately the pain started to subside.

“Thank you.” I sighed in relief as he released my foot.

“Jack!” someone called. I looked to see Tooth fly towards me and give me a hug.

“Hey Tooth.” I greeted returning her embrace.

“So Jack, why did you call us here?” Bunny asked as the guardians walked in front of me.

    “Other than the wedding, I just want to make sure that i’m not going crazy.” I replied. “You feel like something is going to happen too right?

    “Thank you!” Bunny exclaimed. “I thought it was just me.”

    “What are you talking about? You didn’t even tell any of us what you were feeling.” Tooth smirked.

    “Never got the chance to.” he reasoned.

    “So you think something bad is going to happen too?” I asked.


    “Actually, the globe in my workshop has shown some odd things recently. I just didn’t think Pitch would be stupid enough to try again for the third time.”

    “No, I don’t think it’s Pitch this time… this is something different.” I revealed.

    “Then who Jack?” Tooth asked. The guardians looked at me for my answer, but I told them the truth.

    “I don’t even know, but I think it’s going to be bigger than Pitch.” the guardians looked at one another letting that possibility sink in.

    “What do you think we should do?” I asked.

    “I say we do what we did last time with Pitch.” Bunny suggested. “We start increase the guard in Arendelle.”

    “Remember how well that worked last time?” North pointed out. “Pitch got to Elsa through her dreams.” I cringed at the memory.

    “And who knows if they’re even coming for Elsa?” Tooth asked.

    “She’s the queen. She’s the most logical target.” Bunny said.

    “It just bothers me that we don’t really know what we’re up against.” I grumbled.

    “I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough, and when we do we need to be ready.” North said.

    “What if the attack is tonight?” I asked. “During the wedding would be a reasonable guess. It’s in front of everyone who has some type of power; conquering the wedding means achieving power.”

    “We can help.” Grandpabi joined the conversation. The guardians and I looked at each other.

    “How?” North asked.

    “The trolls can keep watch, do perimeter checks, and alert one of you when they see something.” he suggested.

    “We can’t ask you to do that.” I said thinking about how Kristoff would feel if anything were to happen to his family. “This isn’t your fight.”

    “It became our fight when it involved the danger of our land and family.” he reasoned.

    “I think its a good idea, I mean no one will know they’re guarding because they can turn into rocks.” Bunny explained.

    “Lets just hope that nothing does happen tonight. It would be awful for something to happen during their wedding, especially with all the hard work Elsa put in to make it all come together.” Tooth sighed.

    “Oh man!” I exclaimed, remembering that I was supposed to wake Elsa.

    “Jack what’s wrong?” North asked, concern written all over his face.

    “I was supposed to wake Elsa up to get ready for the wedding and hour ago.” I explained as I started to leave.

“Make sure Elsa doesn’t find out until we really know what’s going on.” North said.

“Got it. I’ll see you guys tonight!” I called out as I flew off towards the castle.

********* Elsa’s  POV*******

    “Just breathe Anna.” I kept telling my sister who was panicking in her wedding dress.

    “What if I trip down the aisle?” she cried.

    “You know you won’t. You know how to walk in heeled shoes since you’ve done it your whole life.”

    “Do you think he’s having second thoughts?”

    “I highly doubt it Anna.”

    “But what if I mess up what I say?”

    “All you have to do is repeat after the priest.”

    “What about my vows? What if I mess those up?”

    “Then Kristoff will love you even more for being your quirky self.”

“But what if-?”

“Anna! Relax. Breath. Everything will be fine.” I assured her.

“I’m so nervous Elsa.” she cried.

“Everyone gets nervous before their wedding.”

“I don’t know, I just have a weird feeling…”

“Anna, all you have to do is remember that everything is ready, perfect and that you’re marrying the man you love.” I said in the most calming tone I can give. She took five deep breaths in front of the mirror to help calm her down.

“Okay. I’m ready.” She said, with a determined look in her eyes. “Let’s do this…. I’m getting married today!!!”


With the setting sun casting light through the stained glass windows and the bunches of yellow carnations that were at the start of every pew the chapel looked truly beautiful. I remembered when I was here for my coronation just a few years ago, everything was so different then.

Everyone looked with awe as Anna and I slowly made our way down the aisle together. She decided that since our parents had passed that I should be the one to give her away. I looked over at my sister who was staring straight ahead with a huge smile on her face towards the altar where Kristoff was standing. Also at the altar was Jack, although more than half of the people here couldn’t see him he looked extremely good in his tux. And for those who could not see him, there was Julian standing beside Jack also looking pretty swell; I know Cue thinks so.

We walked to the end of the aisle and I handed Anna’s hand to Kristoff. I kissed her cheek before taking my place by her side on the alter. The priest cleared his throat and the ceremony began.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Princess Anna of Arendelle and Kristoff the Royal Ice Master and Deliverer.” the priest began.

I tried my hardest to stay focused on everything the priest was saying but I was distracted. Not only by Jack but also by Anna. She looked flawless in her wedding dress, it was a big ball gown not mermaid style, with a sweetheart neckline and lots of lace and sequins. Her hair in loose curls falling over her shoulders. I longed for the day I could look as beautiful as her, if that day ever came.

“And now the two lovers will share their vows to each other.” I saw Anna start to tense into a panic, but relax as she took a breath. Kristoff cleared his throat.

“Anna, when we first met in that sauna I thought I just met the craziest person I’ve ever seen; I never would have imagined that I met the love of my life. We have been through hell and back, and somehow managed to make it. Anna being with you has been the most exciting time of my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of it living this crazy adventure with you. Everything about you makes me smile; like the way your eyes light up when you’re determined to do something even though nobody sane would do so, the way you laugh, the way your hair falls effortlessly down your shoulders, everything and I love you for it. If you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to show you how much I love you.”

I didn’t even realize I was crying until I felt a tear fall from my chin. If this was me, how was Anna. She took a breath before speaking from her heart.

“Kristoff, before I met you I never knew what love was. I only knew what it was like from stories, but these few years with you made me see the true meaning of love. Together, we stand here to take that final leap of faith for us to spend the rest of our lives together. For a really long time before I met you I didn’t know what I was looking for but now I see that you are what I need for the rest of my life. You are my rock, my friend. and my soulmate. I love you more than words can describe, maybe in the next few decades I can find what words to say.”

Yup that was it, I was officially balling. Not only were her words beautiful but I also knew they came from a dark place because of all the years I ignored her. Anna deserved the best, and today she was getting it.

“Anna, do you take this man to be your lawfully, wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do.”

“Kristoff, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do.”

“Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Anna squealed in excitement and jumped into Kristoff’s arms. Their first kiss had so much passion it made the priest uncomfortable and the crowd go wild.

Anna then took Kristoff’s hand and led him down the aisle and out the church doors. Everyone else followed to head to the reception.


    The ballroom was crowded. There were people dancing, eating, drinking. talking and just having a good time. How do I know? I was standing in the corner all alone.

    “Boo.” Jack came out of nowhere… almost causing me to spill my wine.

    “Don’t do that.” I punched him in the shoulder.

    “You needed a little loosening up, I had to.” he said putting his arm around me.

    “Well I’m still not used to your methods Jack.”

    “Oh come on Elsa, you should have some fun at least.” he said as we watched Anna and Kristoff dance for the first time.

    “Fine, what did you have in mind?”

    “Follow me.” Jack said as he took my hand. We walked on the edge of the ballroom to exit. We went to the balcony, under the stars, the full moon and all alone. Jack set his staff on the railing and faced me.

    “This is your idea of fun?” I smirked.

    “Just come here.” he said holding his hand out. I did as he said and he pulled me into him. When he placed his hands on my hips, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started swaying. Although it was a small gesture and there wasn’t any music to go to, I did feel a lot better.

    “Thank you Jack.” I sighed letting myself relax.

    “I could tell you needed this, so I was happy to do it.”

    “It’s nice to know that once this is over, there’ll be nothing to worry about anymore.” I waited for Jack to respond or laugh, but he stayed quiet.

    “There’s nothing to worry about, right?” I repeated.

    “No, no. Everything’s fine.” I was about to brush it off and believe him, but right on cue, three rocks rolled onto the balcony and stopped right beside us to turn into trolls. The one in the front spoke up.

    “We have a problem Jack…”

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