Clash of Eras

Two years of peace in Arendelle soon comes to an end after the reigning of a new evil. Elsa and Jack Frost must team together with the new friends they make in order to conquer their past and be able to have a future..


3. Reunion

  My body relaxed on the cold surface of the snow patch I created. Every breath was a sweet one because of the beautiful spring breeze. The birds were singing their song, the leaves rustled in the wind; all was peaceful. I could feel my mind actually start to sleep, until-

    “Incoming!!” someone screamed. I opened my eyes and saw a fireball coming in my direction. I quickly rolled over to the other side, dodging the flying embers.

    “Mommy! Mommy! Did you see that?” the little girl jumped for joy as I stood up.

    “Olivia! What did I say about fireballs outside?!” Cue scolded as she emerged from the forest holding her son, Matthew by his hand.

    “But mom-”

    “No buts Livie.” Cue interrupted. “You almost hit your Aunt Elsa.”

    “It’s fine Cue.” I said as I brushed myself off. Olivia ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist to cry into my skirt.

    “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you.” she cried. I stroked her wavy brown hair, causing her to look up with her unique eyes, one eye deep blue like her father’s, the other violet like her mother’s. I wiped away the tears that were coming down her cheeks.

    “You didn’t hit me Liv. Don’t be upset.” I tried to comfort her. “Just make sure you be careful.” Cue and Matthew walked towards us, but the little boy ran to me and embraced me like his twin sister.

    “Hey! I want to hug Aunt Elsa too.”

    “Don’t worry, everybody gets a hug.” I said  he whined as he tried to push his sibling off of me. Olivia just hugged me tighter, almost cutting off my circulation. When Matthew added to the embrace, I was sure my legs would fill with blood and explode.

    “Guys, Aunt Elsa can’t breath.” Both kids giggled and let go of me, allowing the blood to rush back to all the right places.

    “Okay kids, go play. Your Aunt and I have to talk. But please try not to burn each others eyebrows off again”

    “I bet I can catch more frogs than you!” Matthew challenged.

    “Bring it on!” Olivia replied as they both ran into the forest, which was followed by “Hey! No fireballs Matthew!” As soon as they disappeared in the woods, Cue nearly toppled over me from exhaustion.

    “I signed up for one kid, not two.” she groaned as she lay in the grass.

    “Well that was something you couldn’t really control.” I laughed as I lay down beside her. “They just turned one right?”

    “One and three quarters.” she corrected. “They grow twice as fast as normal children.”

    “That’s not surprising considering your pregnancy was only four and a half months.” I pointed out.

    “North says it’s because I’m part immortal.” she sighed.

    “Well it explains why they look like four year- olds.” I laughed. She smiled and just allowed herself to relax as if this is the first time she lay down in months.

    “So where’s Julian?” i asked, breaking the silence.

    “Out with Kristoff…. and some other guy.” I sat up from confusion.

    “Other guy?”

    “Yeah. Longer brown hair, tall, has a beard thing.” Cue described.


    “I don’t know. But it’s the first time I’ve seen him.” she sighed. “Why?”

    “I think I know who it is. And if I do, then I’ve got visitors.” I answered standing up.

    “Here for the wedding?” asked Cue.

    “Yeah.” Then, something clicked in my mind and all the responsibilities shot in my mind; responsibilities as a Maid of Honour.

    “Crap, I have so much stuff I forgot to check.” I groaned giving myself a face palm.

    “Well you suddenly got worked up.” Cue teased.

    “That’s because I’ve never been this worked up before.” I sighed.

    “Do you need any help? My schedule just cleared.” She offered.

    “What else did you have planned today?”

    “Did you forget? Our lesson?” She reminded me. I suddenly felt guilty and angry because I didn’t let Cue know I was going to cancel, and this lesson would’ve helped me blow off some steam.

    “I’m sorry.” I apologized. “But if it makes you feel any better, I would much rather practice my sword fighting with you than finalizing wedding plans.”

    “Don’t worry about. I’m sure you’re going to set up a great wedding for Anna and Kristoff.” she comforted me. “Then we can practice sword fighting, maybe even archery if you’re up for it.”

    “Maybe. I want to be as good as your kids at least.”

    “We’ll see if you even get that good.”

    “I am determined to get that good.” I challenged.

    “After the wedding?” Cue asked.

    “After the wedding.” I agreed.


    “These yellow daffodils will surely brighten the room. They are truly exquisite.” the merchant said to me as she showed me her collection of flowers.

    “I agree, but may I see the rest of your collection? I don’t want to miss anything.” I replied.

    “Of course Your Majesty.” she nodded as she led me down the rows of flowers. All the flowers were truly beautiful, the carnations, lilies, violets, tulips, daisies;  but one in particular caught my eye. A single white rose by the window, and immediately I was brought back to the time when Jack made me that lovely ice rose in his ice home.

    “That rose keeps re-growing every year. I’m not quite sure how, but it does. My father gave that rose to my mother when they first met.” the merchant told me.

    “It’s beautiful.” was all I could say as I walked closer to it. Someone called for the merchant, so she politely excused herself leaving me with the flower by the window. I gently stroked the petal, feeling the soft, smooth texture while I waited for her to return.

    I miss him, more than I can describe. I miss his laugh, his eyes, his sweater, the way his arms around me whenever he came in for an embrace. All at once I began to feel sad and happy at the same time, reliving these memories of him, but memories aren’t enough.

    “Damn you Jack Frost. You make me fall in love with you, then you disappear for months at a time. How much longer will you make me wait until you come back?” I spoke to myself.

    “Just a few more seconds.” a voice whispered right behind me. My whole body stiffened as I felt another body stand right behind me. My heart skipped a beat and slowly I turned around to see those familiar blue eyes staring back at me. His gorgeous face shown in the light as he smiled at me.

    “Hey there Ica.” he chuckled, probably making fun of my reaction. Overcome by emotion I ended up punching him in the shoulder.

“What the hell Frost?!” I hissed.  

“What was that for?!” he groaned rubbing his shoulder.

“You were gone for so long! You shouldn’t be surprised I would react this way.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. but I’m here now.” he tried to calm me. “I’m here now.”I didn’t know how to handle this emotion; I was happy he was with me, but aggravated because he decided to show up now. I just wrapped my arms around him and hugged him for the first time in months. He wrapped his arms around me too and for a moment all the stress about the wedding disappeared.

“I missed you.” he said in my hair.

“I know. I did too.” I sighed hugging him tighter.

“I am so sorry my Queen. Have you decided which flowers you prefer yet?” the flower shop merchant came back out of nowhere. I immediately pushed Jack away from me to answer her.

“Yes, yellow carnations will be perfect.” I replied with a smile. She looked at me with a look of uncertainty.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked her.

“Not at all your Majesty. It’s just…” she trailed.

“Just what?”

“A moment ago, you were embracing air. Then you pushed nothing away.” she replied. I felt my cheeks start to burn up. I heard Jack start to chuckle behind me and I tried my best to resist the urge to kick him in the shin.

“Yes. I was doing… meditation exercises.” I lied. “They help keep me calm and collected.” The merchant nodded, still with uncertainty but I think she understood.

“Very well your Majesty.” she smiled. “I shall have the flowers sent to the palace.”

“Thank you. I will have the payment to you tomorrow morning.” I negotiated as she began to fill out some papers.

“Please follow me my Queen. I need a few papers to be signed by you before you leave.” she requested as she motioned for me to follow her.

“Very well.” I nodded and followed her… with Jack behind me,

“Meditation exercises?” he chuckled in my ear.

“Oh shut it Frost.” I groaned purposely swinging my leg back to kick him lightly. He laughed and rubbed his shin.

“Some things just don’t change.”


    “Are you able to stay for longer this time?” I asked Jack as we entered the foyer of the palace.

    “Yeah, I don’t plan on making any more blizzards anytime soon.” he replied resting his staff over his shoulder. “Plus, there’s no way I would have missed this wedding.”

    “Oh, why’s that?”

    “Two people whom I really got to know over the past few years are getting married.” he reasoned “Need I say more?” I nodded in agreement as we turned to my study.

“I just need to put these with the other paperwork.” I explained as I reached to open the door. Jack put a hand on the wood just before i could enter.

“I just realized, I haven’t kiss you yet since I got here.” he pointed out.

“Don’t push it Frost.” I smirked. “I’m still mad at you.” Ignoring what I had just said, Jack leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips. With not being with him for so long, I melted into him even though I was still angry with him.

“Oh Elsa! I was looking for you everywhere.” a voice said down the hall. “Anna told me you were in town but then the merchant told me you came back here and... what are you doing?” I pushed Jack away, but he kept holding me by the waist. I looked over to see a familiar face with short brown hair.

“Rapunzel! Long time no see!” I greeted walking up to her to give her a hug.

“You never answered my question.” she said once we broke apart.

“And that would be?”

“What were you doing just now?” she asked crossing her arms.

“That was just some uhh meditation exercises.” I lied. Once again earning a chuckle from Jack.

“You’re running out of good lies.” he whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist once more. I indiscreetly stepped on his foot, but kept smiling while looking at Rapunzel.

“Meditation huh?” she smirked.

“Yeah… It helps me stay in control.” I explained my lie.

“I see, but your meditation looks awfully like… you were smooching someone.” she reasoned.

“Oh, r-really?” I stammered. “I guess I should start doing them in private if that’s the case.”

“Yeah, maybe you should start kissing your man in private so nobody else can see you two. And especially in the hall, come on that’s where everyone goes.” she giggled. Jack’s grip on my tightened and I felt my heart start to race and my whole body freeze. The air around us went cold and some frost started to form on the windows.…. I’m fairly sure i was panicking.

“W-what are you talking about?” I tried to keep my voice straight while Jack tilted his head in amusement.

“I’m just saying.” Rapunzel shrugged. “You should probably wait until you’re in a private place when you do things like that, especially if you’re with someone not many people can see. Don’t you agree with me Jack?” She said staring directly over my right shoulder… towards at Jack.

“What? Who told you?” I questioned.

“Anna of course.” Rapunzel replied. “She didn’t want me to worry if I ever saw you doing something weird and making up some lame excuse about it... like how you just did.”

“Yup, lame is a good word.” Jack laughed and let go of me to greet Rapunzel.

“As you already know, I’m Jack Frost. Nice to meet you.” Jack said with a smile extending his hand to Rapunzel.

“Rapunzel, nice to meet you too Mr. Frost.” She said shaking his hand with little notice to how cold it probably was. They held eachothers gaze for a moment before Rapunzels eyes widened as she remembered why she came looking for me.

“Oh right, Elsa I came looking for you because Anna said you might need some help with all the wedding plans.” She said as she came closer and grabbed both my shoulders before saying “She thinks you’re stressed.”

“Rapunzel, that would be so great there’s still so much I have to do…” I sighed.

“Don’t worry we’ll get it done. No one knows Anna better than you do.” She said giving me a reassuring hug.

“Thank you” I said as I hugged her back. Remembering how only a couple years ago she was the lost princess that miraculously returned after 18 years of being held captive by some crazy old lady.

Once our embrace was over she looked over at Jack then back at me.

“You know I’d ask if you needed any help right now but… I think you two need some catching up time.” She said smirking. I found myself blushing and Jack just smirking while putting an arm around my shoulders.

“That would be great.” he answered for me. “We’ll see you in just a little bit.”

“Don’t take to long.” she giggled before walking down the hall. Once I made sure she was out of earshot, groaned into Jack’s shoulder.

“Did that really just happen?” I blushed ever harder thinking about what Rapunzel must’ve seen… or possibly heard from Anna.

“Hey, at least she’s your family.” Jack chuckled. “Imagine if it was just a random townsperson.”

“That’s true… I guess.” I sighed as I opened the door to my study. I stepped inside and Jack shut the door behind him. I plopped down in  my chair and just allowed my body to relax. I know I’m a Queen with responsibilities, but I now have wedding plans to take care of. I volunteered for the job yes, but I never expected it to take such a toll on my body. When I leaned in my chair, I felt a pair of cold hands start to knead at my very tense shoulders.

“You okay?” Jack murmured. “I’ve never seen you this stressed before.”

“Yeah, I am now.” I sighed. “You think I’d be able to plan a wedding if I can keep an entire kingdom together.”

“You shouldn’t put so much stress on yourself Ica.” Jack sighed. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

“I know. I just want it to be perfect for Anna.”

“That doesn’t mean that you need to kill yourself to make that happen.” he scolded. We stayed in silence for a little bit as I just tried to calm myself after weeks of stress, and Jack was trying to help with that. “By the way, those flowers you picked were beautiful.”

“I know. I thought they fit Anna nicely.” I explained.

“I was going to suggest picking white roses as their flower, but I think they would be better for another person.” Jack revealed and I sat up to actually face him.

“Really? Whose beauty would be complemented by the beauty of a rose?” I asked. Jack looked at me like I was crazy, as if the answer was obvious and right in front of my face.

“You.” he smiled. “Although personally I think that their beauty doesn’t even compare to yours.” Even after being with him for years, he was still able to make my heart race and make the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

“I love you.” was all I could think of to say before I kissed him gently. He kissed back for a few seconds before breaking it off unexpectedly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as Jack looked out the window, like he saw something.

“Nothing… I just got a weird feeling.” he said still looking out the window.

“About what?” I asked, now worried.

“You know what, it’s probably nothing.” he waved it off and turning to me. “Lets just forget about it and focus on the wedding for now.” Part of me wanted to protest and make him tell me, but another part of me said to trust him or you’ll start stressing over nothing. Without another word, I nodded and ignored the protesting part of me… despite Jack still staring out the window.

Little Author's note:

Alice: I just wanted to say that I'm so excited to be writing this fic and I love these characters so much! I hope you guys really like the chapter and hope you like the rest of what's in store.

Reyna: Well here we are after weeks of waiting. Thank you all so much for taking your time to read our story! It seriously means more than you can imagine. Hopefully we can post the next chapter soon. But yeah, tell us what you think of this chapter or what you think will happen :) Luv you all! Happy Reading;)
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