Clash of Eras

Two years of peace in Arendelle soon comes to an end after the reigning of a new evil. Elsa and Jack Frost must team together with the new friends they make in order to conquer their past and be able to have a future..


2. Prologue

    This can’t be it. The prince of the Southern Isles thought as he stood in front of the little cabin in the woods. He had heard many stories about the things that took place behind that door, and not one of them was peaceful. He knew that what he was about to do could have major consequences, but his vengeance was too strong to ignore. The night was quiet and the soft breeze shook the trees, keeping him calm before he knocked on that door. He wanted- no… He needed to do this.

    He took a deep breath and knocked on the cold wood. At first he heard nothing from the inside, but then the door creaked open just enough for someone to peek out.

    “Young man.” a woman’s voice said sternly as the door opened wider. A middle aged woman stood before him, her amber eyes bore into him as if they were looking into his soul and suddenly he was afraid of what would happen next.

    “I hope you have a good reason for trespassing.” she scowled. “The shop is closed for tonight. I’m afraid if you want to purchase anything, it will have to wait until sunrise.” Regaining his composure he used his natural charm to reply to the woman.

“I don’t want to buy anything.”

“Then it will have to wait until tomorrow.” she said about to close the door. He stopped it with his foot.

“I came here looking for someone. Someone who possesses a great power. Can you help me?” She eyed him for a moment before opening the door to let him inside the cabin. It was dark in there, only lit by a single candle; he could barely see anything.

“Come.” she simply said before taking the candle and walking farther into the cabin. Suddenly she stopped and turned to face the young prince.

“It’s not everyday I get a visit from royalty.” She said studying him. “But when it does happen, it is a day to remember. What is it that I can help you with?”

“Wait, you’re the-?”

“The Great Sorcerer? What were you expecting? An old man with a beard and pointy hat?” she snorted. “Though I don’t go by that name anymore, I’ll still help you.”

“I seek power and vengeance-”

“Done! Who would you like me to curse?” she replied.

“It is not that easy. I just need to-”

“Take over a kingdom?” she finished. “You should know the last time I helped someone like that, it didn’t end too well for him.”

“How on Earth did you know that?” he asked.

“Trust me young prince, I know more about you than you think.” She spoke, sending shivers down Hans’ spine. “Now, follow me.” She opened a door and led him into a large, dark room. In the centre of it was a large, black cauldron and a small table filled with vials on top.

“What do you have in mind my prince?” She asked.

“I need allies. That is the one thing I lost in my last battle. Then I shall take the kingdom as my own.” Hans revealed.

“I see.” She answered. “But before we proceed, I must ask for a payment.”

“What kind of payment?” he questioned.

“Well, great powers come with a great cost.” she hinted. “For example this ring of his kingdom was given to me in exchange for power.”

    Cautiously Hans took off the silver ring he wore that bore the crest of his home and held it out to the woman. She took it and rolled it around in her fingertips, examining the fine metal.

    “Very well. If it is allies you wish, it is allies you shall receive.”

    “I read in an old book once of man who seeked great power like I, who lived in Scotland and turned to a witch to get power. He turned into a bear and was feared by all. Mor’du, I think his name was…” Hans explained.

    “Aye, you are correct. He is real, and he shall join your side.” she said as she started to pour vials into the cauldron. The mixture inside began to glow a bright green and shifted to bright red once she threw in a bone on the table. “Is there anyone else you had in mind?”

    “Fear. I need fear on my side and not against me. I heard rumors of a man who embodied fear and used it to control others. I am told he is commonly known by children as the Boogey Man.” The witch nodded and took a piece of black glass from the side table and added it to the potion, shifting the colour from red to blue.

    “For your sake, you have given me enough to summon two more allies.” she said staring into the pot.

    “Good, because I wasn’t done yet.” He said with a wicked look in his eye. “I need someone who isn’t afraid. Someone who could stare at the face of death and not blink; who is able to control an army like no other; Drago Bludvist” The woman took a jar of animals teeth and dropped a big, sharp tooth into the pot. A vivid purple light nearly blinded Hans, but he averted his eyes just before it did.

“One more my prince. One more and you shall have powers like no other.”

    “I need manipulation and cleverness. Not too long ago the “long lost” princess of Corona was returned to her kingdom, having been kidnapped by a woman named Mother Gothel who discovered the princess possessed the power of healing. I need her.”  The witch took a pouch from her pocket and added a handful of what looked like ashes into the mix. The spell in the cauldron turned white and lit up the room.

“You should know that this will take a lot of power. I will need you to help me in this process Prince Hans.” She said stepping on the other side of the cauldron. she held her hands out in front of her, waiting for the prince to take them.

“Will this harm me?” he questioned.

“No. If anything, it will make you stronger as well.” she explained keeping her hands out. Hesitation stopped his hands from moving. He wanted this, surely… so why was he so nervous? He placed his palms against hers and she wrapped her fingers around his hands.

“You will feel a surge of energy; don’t reject it, just let it flow.” she instructed. She bowed her head and began to mumble phrases he has never heard before. She squeezed his hands and started chanting louder. Her energy seeped into his skin and surged through his veins so powerfully he almost jerked his hands away; but doing so would stop the process.

“Spirits within me! Hear my plea; summon the Four Great Curses before us! Let them rise once more from their fall to join forces and deliver their vengeance!” she exclaimed as the power reached its peak. Hans gripped her hands as tight as he could and shut his eyes, until the energy began to lessen and calm. His tense limbs came to rest, and he started breathing normally again to get air back into his lungs. When he opened his eyes, it was pure darkness, he couldn’t see a thing.

“Sorceress?” he called out. With the snap of fingers a candle lit up, revealing the woman’s face.

“It didn’t work did it?” Hans hissed.

“See for yourself.” she panted gesturing to the area behind him. She snapped her fingers once more and lit the candles that were on the walls. Hans turned around to see four figures standing before him. One was tall, had jet black hair, amber eyes  and had the skin of a corpse. Beside him was a broad man with long brown hair and a beard… but pure white eyes. An older woman stood next to him, with salt and pepper curls and a coy smile. The last one was a big beefy man, with long black locks and only one real arm.

“Incredible.” Hans said in awe as he observed his new allies. He turned to say something to the witch, but she was holding herself up with the table trying to catch her breath. In that moment, something ignited inside Hans. His eyes locked on a pendant that rested on that table, and an idea sparked.

“Thank you so much.” he smiled as he walked over to her side. As he walked closer, he could feel the familiar power flow through his veins.

“You did give me a payment, so it is only fair that I deliver.” she smiled. Hans nodded and his fingers traced over the metal of the pendant.

“So, when we were summoning them, did you give me some of your power?” he asked.

“Yes.” she nodded. “But not that much.”

“But enough to do my own spell perhaps?” he asked, picking the necklace up from the surface.

“Possibly.” she nodded.

“Surely you can overpower that spell, correct?” he inquired as he started to get the energy to flow to his fingertips and into the necklace. “I mean you are the Great Sorcerer.”

“I can, but most likely not right now.” she replied with concern in her eye.

“Good. Because I can’t have someone betray me and break this spell, so-” he didn’t finish his sentence. he shoved the pendant in her direction and used all of his might to suck her into the metal. She tried to deflect off the power, but her exhaustion was too much, she couldn’t fight back. Her vision slowly went dark and then nothing. The witch was no longer standing in front of Hans, but the pendent he held out felt warm. He sighed as he felt the energy that left him return to his core; he would become more powerful than before.

“Well done young master.” Gothel smirked. Hans put the necklace around his neck and tucked it into his shirt, feeling the heaviness of the warm metal on his skin.

“Thank you.” He smiled turning to his allies. “It needed to be done; she posed a threat to my success.”

“Understood.” Pitch nodded.

“Down to business. What did you summon us for?” Mor’du questioned as he gripped his sword in his hand.

“You four are doing to help me take down Arendelle.” Hans explained.

“Excellent. When do we leave?” Drago asked.

“In a few days. There will be a wedding I did not get invited to, but I think it best we pay a visit to the happy couple…”

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