your worst nightmare

One day you met this girl, and she bacome your better half,
But one day she just stops texting you, and you gets scared,
and when you see it...


2. The letter

You're still having your phone to your ear and no one is saying anything, the only thing you can hear is the music, she was listening to before she killed herself..

You know you lost your bestfriend Chloe.. But she was so much more than that, wasn't she? 

and you never got the chance to tell her.. 

You're thinking about all the memories you guys had together and when the tears are running down your checks..


You takes your shoes on and runs over to Chloe, 

You're standing outside her door and opens it slowly, you see her dead body and you notice a letter in her hand, you takes the letter and after you have read it, you cries even more and hugs her..

She's so cold, but you looks at her face and sees a smile, she looks so peacefull...

You're trying to smile too, but it's hard... you takes her hand, and when you call her mom and after 10 min. she's with you..


Chloe's mom, Tatjana or TJ as you called her, hugs you and cries...

Chloe's sister stands in the door, she's to afraid to come in..She's just standing and looking at her sister..




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