your worst nightmare

One day you met this girl, and she bacome your better half,
But one day she just stops texting you, and you gets scared,
and when you see it...


3. The funeral

You're standing with her coffin, you're about to say goodbye to Chloe, for the last time before she has to be buried..

You lays a purple rose in her hands, and whispers:''Goodbye, and thanks for everything..I love you''

after she is buried, you stands with her grave, you looks at the stone and reads it over and over again...

There's standing her full name, the day she was born and the day she dead..


You lays some purple roses because you know that was her faveorite colour..

Chloe's mom stands by your side with Chloe's little sister Ella,

She's still to little to understand that she won't see her sister ever again, but you notices that she's crying so you hugs her and tells her that she's in a better place now...



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