your worst nightmare

One day you met this girl, and she bacome your better half,
But one day she just stops texting you, and you gets scared,
and when you see it...


1. The beginning

You're sitting in your room and listens to the music, you're trying to feel better, but how?

You're about to give up, you're sitting with the knife in your hand, you looks at it and whispers:'' I'm sorry Emma, but I just cant do this anymore''

You takes some paper and starts writing a letter to your bestfriend Emma...

You starts with:

''Hey Emma..

When you read this letter, I won't be here anymore..

I will be in another place where I'm happy, 

I know you tried to help me and I'm forever thankful,

But there was nothing you could do to safe me,

You was an amazing bestfriend, but I needed to get away from here,

I have been depressed for a long time,

I have cutted myself, I cried myself to sleep every night,

I tried so hard to stay strong for you, 

But now I need to end this life...

I hope you understand that I love you,

Xoxo Chloe''


You can hear the music: ''She stood up in the chair, and looked out at the moon, just don't think it will be over soon''

But suddenly you got a text on your iPhone saying:'' Stop it Chloe, I know what you're about to do, and killing yourself won't make it better''

You're about to answer but she calls you, you take the phone, but you aren't saying anything at all, and when she hears the sad song in the background, and when she knows your gone...


Gone forever...

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