your worst nightmare

One day you met this girl, and she bacome your better half,
But one day she just stops texting you, and you gets scared,
and when you see it...


5. 1 year after the funeral

1 year after your (Chloe's) dead, your mom got depressed, she tried to forget about you, but how do you forget your own child? You just can't forget your own child...

She worked a lot, she tried to keep herself busy so she could think about something else, but nothing helped..

Your little sister Ella, still can't believe that she will never see you ever again..

She keeps asking your mom when you will be home again, but your moms keeps saying that you're on a happy vacation, where you're safe...


And you wonder what happend to your bestfriend, right?


Well she tried to kill herself too, but she just couldn't implement it as you could..

She got depressed, she started cutting herself too...

She was alone in school every day.. When someone tried to talk to her she pushed them away, because she was to scared that it would happend again..

She's blaming herself for that you're gone

When she came home from school she looks at pictures at you, she is trying so hard to let you go, but she just can't..



Nothing will be the same without you...

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