To write or not to write?

Paisley isn't the type of person to speak her mind, she prefers to just bottle it up and keep it all inside. Until she stumbles upon an old notebook in the local bookstore, and decides to keep a diary, she realises that keeping it all in is a lot harder than it seems. Just be careful that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands...


1. 1

My phone screen lights up and buzzes at quarter to 2 in the morning, then I reluctantly roll over onto my side to check the message. These nights I've been having trouble sleeping, I'm not quite sure exactly what it is, it just likes to keep me awake, whatever the stupid thing is. It's like when you feel really guilty for no reason, similar to when you almost accidentally fall down the stairs, but grab onto something to save yourself, and then you get that shuddery butterfly-ey (made a new word) feeling in your stomach. Yep exactly like that.

I read the message in my head, the LED backlit light of my phone screen blinding me as I do, and its from Lily, she can't sleep either. But its obviously for a different reason, Lily is almost the most confident person I know. Next to Jack Barns and Olivia Howard. Its probably boy troubles, or that she drank too much caffeine when we went to the seaside pub (she drank a can of coke and half a coffee). The message says:

Omg! I just found out that over the half term, I'm going to Paris! I can get LOADS of shopping, and perfume and sweets... haha xox

Lily is a shopaholic, she never seems to have enough clothes. Although each time I go round her house, her wardrobe is practically exploding with clothes, but she persists that she has nothing to wear.

I shut my eyes tight, making up scenarios in my head, if I went to Paris. I'd prefer Spain to be honest, yet we haven't been there yet. We mostly go to Cornwall for weekends to visit family, and have fun in the sea. Though I'm a rubbish swimmer, I always end up gulping down numerous amounts of saltwater, and then feeling ill afterwards. I can't tan either, so if we went to Spain I'd still come back pasty white. Or lobster red. But with my brown corkscrew curls, you'd think it'd be easy...





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