The holiday retreat

21 year old Ova Astrid Kidd spends a holiday on a cruise to the Maldives after a terrible breakup with Dash Eason. Ova sworn to never fall in love again but that all changed when she met with Dutch hottie, Aka Damson. But will history repeat itself again?


2. Boarding & Plane ride

Ova's POV

When we arrived the airport, we looked around for our counter and rushed over with our luggages behind our backs. My glasses were perched on my forehead and I was carrying a red coat on my left hand. When we found our counter, we loaded our luggages on the loading bay and checked in our ticket and passport. Afterwards, it was already 6:00. We had 15 minutes until the gates open for boarding. Me and Viola planned to board at 6:30 because the gates close at 6:45.

We went looking for chocolate to dine on in the plane. Secondly, we went to one of our favorite stores,

Brandy Melville. We bought some alibaba pants (search : Brandy Melville alibaba pants in google) and tanks and kimonos. Later on we went to our boarding gate and entered the plane after waiting for half an hour.

As we looked for our seats, a good looking guy with brown hair and green eyes accidentally rolled his luggage onto my foot.

" Owwww!!!! " I screamed in pain.

" Omigosh you ok?" Viola grabbed me by the arm and led me to our seats. The guy guiltily followed us and apologized.

" I'm really sorry I didn't see your foot there"

" Don't worry about it " Viola shot at him sharply after her words, causing him to step back. I raised an eyebrow at Viola and she slowly pulled into a smile. " Err.. She meant that I'll be fine " I said, barely looking at him. He nodded and went to his seat which was just in front of me. Viola rolled her eyes. I held Viola's hand and said " It's fine don't be angry" she nodded.

I set my pillow just about right and then lowered my seat just a little after we took off. And plugged my earphones in and prepared to sleep. As soon as I close my eyes, I was interrupted with a lowered seat that came all the way to my nose.

" Oops sorry!" The guy in front of me whispered

" Just straighten it !" I yelled

Everyone turned to look at me and the air hostess came over to my seat and questioned " Is everything all right here?" I nodded and she walked away. I glared at the guy on front of me and he whispered an apology. I was seriously getting a bit annoyed at this guy. But then Viola offered the chocolate that we bought earlier and I nibbled on it and slept.

Hey guys if you're wondering why there's a picture of Cher Llyod on the cover it's because she's my favorite singer and Ova's appearance (body size,facial features) would be like hers.

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