The holiday retreat

21 year old Ova Astrid Kidd spends a holiday on a cruise to the Maldives after a terrible breakup with Dash Eason. Ova sworn to never fall in love again but that all changed when she met with Dutch hottie, Aka Damson. But will history repeat itself again?


1. Before going to the Maldives

Ova's P.O.V

Whilst I'm changing into my light pink sweater and grey skater skirt, someone stood at my doorstep and rang the bell. I quickly zipped the side of my skirt and rushed to the door. Peeping through the hole, My eyes wandered from left to right. A tall man wearing a red shirt underneath a black coat with a brown cap stood at the door. It was the mailman. I quickly unlocked the door and pushed it open. The mailman 's name is Doris, a 50 year old man who has been sending mail to my house for 6 years now. He's a great friend of mine, a great listener too. He used to help me around the house during the weekends when Dash went for basketball training. I was 16 when I first moved in and I moved In with my ex boyfriend, Dash Eason. Dash has a rich dad and his dad bought us the house for our 2nd anniversary present. My parents moved to California when I was 13 and left me to live with my grandmother. After two years, my grandmother passed away and I had to start working. So at the age of 15, I managed my school expenses and house expenses. But that all changed when I met Dash and we started dating. I quickly moved in with him and sold my house and we paid the expenses together. That was until he moved out on May after we broke up.

Smiling brightly at Doris, I chatted with him. " Hey Doris! What brings you here?"

" This parcel here and my dignity" laughed the jolly Doris.

" Well thank you." I responded, gripping onto my parcel excitedly, curious to find out what contained underneath the brown wrapper.

" Let's have a walk shall we Doris?" I questioned and dragged him to my garden where my hammock and white benches stood on the fine grass.

" So how's your day stringing along?" Doris asked

" I was planning to go to the salon and get my hair done and later on at 7:00 in the evening I'm leaving to the Maldives by plane. So I guess I have an exciting day ahead! " I squealed

Doris chuckled " Well have fun at the Maldives I'll miss you. Now where's the lucky man? Are you going with him?"

I stared at Doris for a few moments trying to figure out how to tell him. " Urm, Dash moved out last month. We're no longer together due to some issues." I confessed.

Doris glanced at me sadly then replied " Don't worry honey I'm sure you'll find someone one day. "

" Nope. I've given up on men. This trip to the Maldives is for me to get my mind off on a cruise "

Doris chuckled again. " Well I'll leave you to it. Have fun."

Doris stood up to hug me and he turned to a clipboard for me to sign. Afterwards, he left. I went back inside my 2 story villa and locked the door. I went up to my room and sat in front of my vanity. Opening up my parcel, I received a pair of sweats and a black monokini. There was also a Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream. There was a letter attached to the back of the parcel. The note read :

" Dear Ova,

These are clothes that I thought you'd like for your cruise in the Maldives and hand cream for your rough texture. Just thought of giving you a gift after our break up. Enjoy your cruise in the Maldives an I hope you occupied that ticket to someone.


I put the letter away and got my pink and grey luggage from the store room and started packing. I packed many clothes including the sweats and monokini. After that, I got my pink bag and wore my knee high black boots, grabbed my sunglasses and got out of the house.

Upon locking the door, my phone suddenly blasted the song Dirty Love by Cher Llyod. I quickly fumbled with my keys then dropped them in my bag. I quickly answered my phone and the incoming call was from Viola.

" Hey peacock what's up?" I spoke into the phone. I always called Viola peacock and she calls me big bear.

" Yo big bear! You've gotta come over I have no idea what to pack. I've packed my orange jumpsuit and a pink bikini and that's all I got. Please come"

" I'd love to but I was about to head to the salon."

" Ok perfect. You come over to my house and help me pack then we'll go to the salon together."

" Ok sure I'll be right over"

I hopped into the driver's seat and put my sunglasses on. I quickly placed the keys into the ignition and reversed from my porch and onto the calmed streets. My red fort was also a gift from Dash's dad and when we broke up Dash told me to keep everything. Which is great .

After 15 minutes I arrived at Viola's house. She lived with her mom because her mom and dad divorced recently. I rang the bell and Mrs. Mozi unlocked the door.

" Oh hello Ova! Viola's upstairs . "

" Alright Mrs.Mozi"

" Oh call me Leslie from now on hun"

I'm guessing ever since the divorce she decided to be addressed as Leslie so I'm just going to respect her. I quickly ran up the stairs and I saw a stressed Viola with her purple luggage unzipped on her bed and swarmed amongst pieces of clothing.

" Hey hey peacock " I shouted as I entered her room and threw my bag on her yellow rug.

" Oh big bear! Help me! "

"Ok just sit back and give me the stuff that you must bring like toiletries and makeup."

I helped Viola pack her stuff. The cruise was for 2 weeks. When I reviewed the cruise online it said that there was going to be shops inside the cruise and restaurants too. And on the deck there would be a pool, a bar, a surf pool, a diving pool, a popcorn stand, a cotton candy bar, and a hotdog stand. There was also a giant rock climbing wall. And there would be spas and teen sections on the other side of the cruise. So here's a list of what I packed for her :

• Maroon skater skirt

• High waisted shorts and jeans

• Salmon crotchet cover up

•White frilled bikini

• Beige maxi dress

• Hot pink crop top

• Long knitted cardigan

• Navy blue skater dress

• Neon pink skirt

• High waisted floral shorts

• Black halter top

• Dark red mesh crop top

• Cream colored heels

• Navy blue long jeans x3

• Light wash jeans x2

• Floral crop top

• Black and white sunglasses

• Brown sandals with white embellishments

• Red flannel

• Yellow plain top

• Fringed sling bag

• Black handbag (Prada)

• Denim vest with studs

• Black and white flowy crop top x2

• Red skinny jeans x2

• White blouse

And some jewelry and if she needs anything else, she could always buy some at the stores because that's what I did. I packed lesser than what I should have to give me a reason to go shopping. Hehe.

She also added a sunhat and a black floppy hat because I forgot about hats. She packed her makeup and some additional shoes.

" Oh thanks so much Ova! You're a life saver! " Viola squealed

" You're welcome! Let's go get our hair done now."

Viola quickly changed into a white superman graphic crop top and light wash skinny jeans. She slipped into a pair of neon heels and grabbed her red bag with her.

"Let's go!" Viola held my hand and dragged me downstairs and out of the house. She hopped into my car and we drove to a salon called Claine. My hair is naturally light brown and it's right underneath my collarbone. I thought about curling my hair ever since I was 17 so I thought I'll do it today.

" Big bear do you think this color would look good on me?" Viola pointed at a maroon color.

Viola's hair is dark brown and it was very long until her waist. It was naturally curled at the bottom and she wanted to highlight those curls.

" I think the red is nice but blonde will look nice on you too" I mentioned, pointing at a blonde color.

" Would you like to try both colors on a strand of hair to help you make your decision?" The woman at the counter suggested

Viola nodded and we went over to the black seats to wait for our turn. A woman with short blonde hair and green eyes came over with a foil wrap and applied the two colors on two different strands.

" What do you think Ova?" Viola asked after 30 minutes.

" I think the maroon looks better " I stated whilst the same blonde woman prepared the equipment for me to perm my hair.

After 3 hours, we both were done and I drove Viola to my house. I unlocked the door and we both went inside. I took of my boots and went upstairs to put them in my shoe closet. Viola put her heels by the front door.

We both went into the kitchen and I made Viola's favorite caramel latte for her with my coffee machine. Afterwards, we went upstairs to my room and Viola literally ransacked my luggage to see what I brought.

" Omigosh! You're bringing the baby blue sweatshirt that I bought for you!" Viola screeched excitedly.

I quickly snatched it back and folded it back into my luggage.

" Yup! I love it." I quickly zipped my luggage and left it standing beside my bed.

It was already 3:00pm. We have to leave at 5:30 and board at 6:15 for our flight at 7:00. We will arrive at the Maldives airport at 8:30 and will be sent to the cruise at 9:30 after picking up the luggages from the airport.

After watching Bride Wars with Viola, it was already 5:00. I quickly sat in front of my vanity to apply my makeup. I applied bronzer, blusher, mascara, and a pink-reddish lipstick. Then, we loaded my handbags and luggage info my car and drove to Viola's house to pick her luggage. Then, we went to the airport together.

Hey guys Chelsea here! So I've decided to start this new book because I got the idea when I was bored and just started writing. Hope you liked the first chapter! Sorry if I was all over the place or if there was any grammar or spelling issues. Be sure to check out my other books

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