11:59 ||c.h||

"We'll meet again tomorrow, okay? 11:59, this exact same spot, don't be late"

~Where a troubled boy finds a glimmer of hope in a girl who maybe, just maybe, be able to fix him~


1. Prologue

“N-no. Do you really have to go?” I sobbed, unable to stop the tears streaming down my face.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t want to leave any more than you want to,” he whispered, starting to tear up as well.

“Surely you could stay a bit longer? I-I mean, if you don't WANT to leave, you dont have to. You could just stay. Stay here with me,” I begged, desperate to keep him by my side.

He just sadly smiled, cupping my face in his hands.

“I’m so sorry,” he mumbled. "We both know I have to go, no matter how much we don't want me to."

“But I promise we’ll meet again in the future. It may not be us in the future who meet. Maybe it’ll be our children, and then they’ll fall in love with each other. Or maybe our children’s children will meet again. We will meet again, somehow,” he said, pulling me in for one last hug.

“N-no. You can’t leave,” I wailed, now full on sobbing, clutching onto him, refusing to let go.

He kissed the top of my head, reluctantly letting go.

"I love you," he mumbled, causing me to freeze, staring at him.

"W-what?" i stuttered.

“NO,” I screamed, as he slowly walked through the gates. “COME BACK, DON’T LEAVE ME. Y-YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THIS,” I screamed, falling to the floor, unable to support my own weight anymore.

He turned around, giving me one last glance, before walking through the gates, leaving me to drown in my own tears.

"I love you too."


Heyy ;)

I just started this story, which is pretty obvious i guess ;DD

Merry Christmas everyone ;DDD Hope you have an amazing time.

And if you want, you can read my other story as well. "Just a Reject."

Thanksss ;) xx

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