11:59 ||c.h||

"We'll meet again tomorrow, okay? 11:59, this exact same spot, don't be late"

~Where a troubled boy finds a glimmer of hope in a girl who maybe, just maybe, be able to fix him~


13. Chapter 12

Brittney’s POV

I trudged towards the park, annoyed at the rain pouring down onto me. I quickly crawled through the gap in the fence to get to the shed, not caring about the mud getting on my jeans. I’d rather be in the shed with the massive blood stain where someone was possibly killed, compared to sitting outside in the rain, basically begging to catch a cold.

I grunted when realising there were numerous holes in the shed roof, meaning that I’d get equally soaked in the shed compared to standing outside.

I grumpily crawled back out of the fence, trying to ignore the thunder. I stood up, wiping the mud off my jeans as best as possible, when I heard a giggle behind me.

I whipped my head around, only to see an equally soaked boy standing behind me.

“What’s so funny,” I demanded, crossing my arms.

“You’re covered in mud,” he squealed, trying to hide his laughter.

I rolled my eyes, chuckling.

“Do you wanna just come in my house? It’s warm in there, and mum’s just been grocery shopping, so there’s plenty of food.”

He hesitated, obviously not sure of what to do.

“No one’s home,” I said, sensing his panic. He still looked unsure of what to do.

“We’ll watch a movie?” I suggested. “Any movie that you want?”

He finally agreed, though still looking uncertain about this.

I grinned, taking his hand and skipping towards my house happily, despite the thunder and the rain soaking us to the bone. He trailed behind me, still no sure if he should be doing this or not.

“Don’t worry. No one will see you.” I assured him.

I threw the door open, dumping my drenched jacket onto the floor.

“Do you wanna get changed? I’ve got a couple of my male friends’ clothes here. They’d probably fit you,” I offered, as he nodded shyly, carefully taking his shoes off.

I ran upstairs, grabbing Luke’s shirt and hoodie as well as Michael’s jeans, hoping these would fit well on him. I ran back downstairs, only to find him still awkwardly standing at the front door, unsure of what to do.

I threw the clothes at him, catching him off guard.

“Bathrooms down the hall, last door,” I instructed, as he mumbled a shy thankyou before racing off. I went to my own room to get changed, eager to get out of these soaking clothes that clung uncomfortably to me.

I sighed in content when I had put my pyjamas on, making my way down the stairs again. When he saw me going down the stairs, he raced to my side, trailing behind me to the kitchen like a lost puppy.

“Movie?” I asked, heading towards the microwave to make a bowl of popcorn.

“Okay,” he whispered, chewing his lip nervously.

“Don’t be so nervous. There’s no one around to see you, and the chair won’t fall apart if you sit on it.”

He quietly giggled, finally loosening up a bit.

“You can choose a movie while you wait for me. There’s a whole stack next to the TV,” I suggested, patiently waiting for the popcorn to be done. I heard him mumble a quiet okay before trotting off towards the TV, probably to go look for a movie

After a couple of minutes, I suddenly heard a squeal, and the sound of feet running to my direction. I looked at him confused, while he held up the movie ‘Dumbo.’ I laughed at his bright excited eyes, taking the popcorn out of the microwave.

“Can we watch this? Pleeaaaase?” he begged, sticking his bottom lip out.

“I did say you get to choose the movie, so of course,” I laughed, as he squealed again, running back to the TV.

When I arrived, the lights were already off, and the movie was already starting to play. I curled up on the sofa next to him, draping a blanket over us.

“I love this movie so much it’s not even funny anymore,” he whispered.

“Why do you like it so much?” I laughed.

He shrugged. “Dunno. Just do.”

We continued to watch the movie for another half hour, occasionally laughing at certain scenes.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door.

“OHHHH BRITTNEYYYYYYYYYYYYY,” I heard Luke called obnoxiously and the door slamming shut, causing the boys eyes to widen.

“No no no,” he whimpered, curling up in a ball.

“Lie down,” I whispered, quickly pulling his legs out so he lay flat on the sofa when he made no effort to move. I clumsily threw a blanket over him, flopping myself down on top of him, causing him to grunt in pain. I draped another blanket on top of me, just in time for Luke to walk in.

“Hey Brit,” he sang, slouching down in the other sofa. “You’re watching Dumbo?” he laughed, seeing the movie playing.

“Yeah, and?” I snapped, narrowing my eyes at him.

His eyes widened in surprised. “Woah, no needa get all snappy.”

“Sorry, not in a good mood,” I mumbled. I could feel the boy’s heart racing underneath me, and his chest rising up and down rapidly. I gently squeezed his arm, trying to help him calm down.

“Oh, um, are you on your, um,” Luke stuttered.

“Period?” I asked tiredly.

“Er, yeah, that,” he mumbled, face going red.

I laughed, rolling my eyes. “No needa get so embarrassed. But as much as I’d like to hang out with you, I really am not in the mood to. I’ve got cramps and you know I get horrible mood swings.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll just go hang with Mikey. Surely he won’t mind. Call me when you finish your, um, period,” he grinned sheepishly, before heading towards the door.

“Bye,” I called, hearing the front door slam shut.

I sighed, rolling off the now squashed boy. He threw the blanket off him, his breathing still uneven.

“That was close,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry for making you come over,” I said guiltily. “I should’ve just let you go home instead of forcing you to come to mine.”

“Hey, it’s ok. I’d much rather be here watching my favourite movie here than standing outside in the pouring rain, or being at, uh, home,” he giggled, patting my head. “But as much as I love it here, I really gotta go now.”

“Oh, okay. Do you wanna borrow an umbrella?” I asked.

“If that’s okay, yes please,” he smiled shyly.

“I’ll go get you one, and you can go get your wet clothes. Don’t bother bringing those clothes back, I don’t need them anymore, and I highly doubt my friends will remember these shirts,” I called, walking off to search for an umbrella.

5 minutes later, I was standing on my doorsteps, waving goodbye to the boy running in the other direction.


“Be safe,” I called, as he turned around to give me one last glance, before continuing on his way.





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