11:59 ||c.h||

"We'll meet again tomorrow, okay? 11:59, this exact same spot, don't be late"

~Where a troubled boy finds a glimmer of hope in a girl who maybe, just maybe, be able to fix him~


12. Chapter 11

Brittney’s POV

I shuffled towards the park, still not fully recovered from the blood stain I had seen yesterday. Had someone been killed there? What did he mean by ‘she needs to know?’ I sighed, carefully placing myself down on the bench.

I was surprised to see him running towards me at 11:55, but what surprised me even more was the girl running beside him. I shot up, trying to see who the girl was.

“Hi,” he breathed.

“Hi..” I trailed off, shooting him a quizzical look.

“Oh, this is my sister,” he giggled, gesturing to the girl standing beside him. “She’s here to see the uh- blood stain.”

“Oh, I see. Um, so should I, like, go?” I asked awkwardly, already starting to back away, suddenly feeling extremely out of place.


I stopped dead in my tracks, surprised that his sister wanted me here.

She smiled, beckoning me over. “I wanna get to know you.”


“I mean, you have been spending quite a lot of time with Ca- my brother. So I want to know a bit more about you.”

“Oh. There really is nothing much about me to know about,” I said awkwardly, kicking a pebble away.

“So far, all I know about you is that your name’s Brittney and that you found the blood stain in the shed,” she stated, sitting down on the bench. She patted the space next to her, smiling up at me.

I cautiously sat down next to her, chewing on my lip nervously.

“So how old are you?” she asked.

“18,” I whispered, basically shaking with nervousness, though I really don’t see why I’m so nervous.

“Hey, don’t be nervous,” she chuckled. “I’m not gonna kidnap you or something.”

I smiled slightly, laughing a bit.

“I don’t really see why I’m so nervous,” I chuckled.

“Well there’s no need to be, she’s real nice,” the boy giggled, playing around with his hoodie sleeves.

“I can see that,” I laughed.

I didn’t bother asking for her name, considering the fact that even her brother wouldn’t tell me his name, and I’d known him for quite a while now.

 “So, why don’t we go look at the stain?” He suggested nervously.

“Good idea.” She hopped up, starting to make her way to the shed.

“You don’t have to go in, you know,” he whispered, as if he could sense how nervous I was.

“No, I’ll go,” I said quietly. “Unless you don’t want me to be there,” I said quickly.

“No, of course I want you in there,” he giggled. “You WERE the one who found the stain.”

“Oh, right,” I weakly laughed, crawling through the gap in the fence, him following closely behind me.

“Damn, that’s a pretty big stain,” she murmured, staring intently at the big red patch.


“Do you think it was from…” she trailed off, nervously looking at her brother.

“Maybe,” he mumbled, chewing his lip.

“You should keep searching the shed for the next few days. See if you could find anything else. I really wish I could help you so you won’t have to do this alone,” she mumbled, clearly upset.

“Hey it’s ok. It’s not your fault. If I find something, you can come back and see. And Brittney here keeps me company, so I’m not too lonely,” he quickly said, trying to cheer his sister up.

“Okay,” she whispered.

I awkwardly stood near the doorway to give them their privacy, but also so I wouldn’t have to look at the blood stain again.

It was silent for a couple minutes, none of us making a sound. Finally, I decided to break it.

“So, um,” I stuttered, catching both of their attentions. “Do you guys want some lunch?”

“No, it’s ok,” she smiled. “We’ve gotta get back now. Bye Brittney, nice meeting you. Maybe we’ll meet again,” she called, already making her way out the shed.

“Bye,” I called back.

“So, we’ll meet again tomorrow?” he asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

“We don’t need to. If you need to keep looking for more stuff in the shed without interruptions,” I quickly said, not wanting to be the reason he got distracted.

He giggled. “You were the one who found the blood stain, maybe you’ll find something else as well.”

“Oh. Okay,” I said nervously, chewing my lip. “Though I’d probably freak out if I found a knife with blood on it or something like that,” I chuckled, as he giggled in response. God, his giggle was amazing.

“Goodbye Brittney dear. See you tomorrow, 11:59.”



This isn't one of the worst chapters I've written, but idk.

Thanks so much for reading, i really appreciate it ((;


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