11:59 ||c.h||

"We'll meet again tomorrow, okay? 11:59, this exact same spot, don't be late"

~Where a troubled boy finds a glimmer of hope in a girl who maybe, just maybe, be able to fix him~


2. Chapter 1

Brittney’s POV

“Ugly cucumber”

“Smelly rhinoceros”

“Hairy caterpillar”

“Broken donkey”

“Disgusti- wait, what?”

“HAH, I WIN,” I yelled, jumping up on the table in joy.

“But broken donkey doesn’t even count as an insult. It doesn’t even make sense,” Luke whined, sticking his bottom lip out.

“Yes it does,” I said defensively.

“No it doesn’t.”

“Does too”

“Does not”

“Does too”

“Does not”

“Does too”

“Does no-“

“Will you just SHUT UP,” Michael roared, glaring at us.

We both burst out into a fit of giggles, as Michael just rolled his eyes at us, going back to his game.

Ashton walked into the room to see what was going on, hugging a bowl of popcorn to his chest. He saw me and Luke rolling around on the floor, laughing our asses off, and walked straight out of the room again.

“I’m not even gonna ask,” he quietly mumbled under his breath, but loud enough for us to hear, causing us to laugh even harder. Eventually we calmed down, out of breath from laughing so hard.

“Finally you guys shut up,” Mike grumbled, rolling his eyes at us.

 “You love us,” I teased, getting up to stretch.

“I needa pee,” I stated, going up the stairs.

“Eww, we didn’t need to know that,” Luke said, pretending to gag.

I flipped him off as I continued to go find the bathroom. This may be Luke’s house, but I knew his house just as well as I knew mine. I know ALL of their houses as well as mine. Michael, Luke, Ashton and I were known as the ‘inseparable amigos’ by everyone who knows us. We all lived on the same street and are in the same grade at school. As well as that, all our parents were friends, which meant we met up like this together almost every weekend.

I eventually made my way to the bathroom, doing my business when I got there. I flushed, washing my hands afterwards, humming while doing so. I started making my way downstairs, admiring the clear blue skies through the window.

Suddenly, I saw a figure move around in the abandoned shed in the deserted park across the street. I froze, trying to see what it was. I was able to make out a person, most likely a boy, who was rummaging through the desk that was in the shed.

Why would someone even want to go into that park? Apparently, many people had gotten murdered in that place, which resulted in everyone refusing to even step foot there. Whoever went in was considered insane. The park was now a sad, gloomy place, littered with trash and dirt. The gate had been locked, and the fences were too high for anyone to climb. How did he get in?

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, running straight across the street. I peered through the fence, panting, desperate to see who was in there.

I looked around, expecting to see a person. But instead, I saw nothing.

I scanned the area cautiously, looking around every corner to see if there was anyone or anything hiding.

“Brit,” a voice called, causing me to snap my head back towards the house. “Waddya doin there?”

“N-nothing,” I called, giving the place one last glace before running back to the house.

“Hey, are you ok Brit? You bolted right past me towards that old park across the street,” Ash said, looking at me confused.

“You know, some people say that place is haunted.”

“Of course it’s not you idiot, why would that place even be considered haunted.”

“Don’t call me an idiot.”

“But you ARE an idiot.”

“Just shut up and let Brit answer my question.”

“Oh no, it was nothing. Just thought I saw something, that’s all,” I said, laughing nervously.

“Ok…” Luke said, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Well come on, let’s go eat,” I said, clapping my hands together.

“YES, GREAT IDEA,” Michael cheered, sprinting off towards the kitchen.

I was probably just imagining everything I saw. But I highly doubt it. I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to tell everyone else what I saw. All I knew was that I was going to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.



Helloooooooo ((;

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