I met my dad

Hi guys my name is Lily I'm 15 i have brown hair and bright blue eyes i live with my mom eleanor calder yes she is my mom i dont know who is my dad i keep asking her but she always refuse to tell me i dont know why so my favorite color is blue my favorite animals are zebra and Banda i go to the zoo just to see them my favorite movie is blended by adam sandler and i box i go to the gym every weekend to practice mom dosnt like boxing and she always try to convince me to stop boxing but who cares im not gonna stop oh did i mention thate and my mom have a fight every day
Okay will this is who I am you wanna know my story then read my story


20. woke up

Lily prov

I went over to nash after uncle harry told me what actually happen you might not notice but th only people i trust in this house are Dad uncle harry cameron and Nash yes i trust Nash it was that bitch hannah who tried to ruin our relationship

"Lily i swear i didn't kiss her she kissed me" he said i didn't say anything just crashed my lips into his he kissed back

"I know the truth now" i said after we pulled away

He smiled

"Come with me" i said

"Were?!" He was confused

"To take give dad my blood so i want you to be there with me because..." I explained everything to him

Then we went to the room he geld my hand and i was screaming and crying i was so scared i started shaking and breath very fast then Nash lend in and kissed me i felt so calm

"Okay we i think thats enough blood" the nurse said then Nash pulled away

She took the blood then got out

"Wow you make me calm this is the first time i was completely i wasn't like this before even with my mother" i said then another nurse came to the room

"Here you go you gave to eat all this" she said handing me the food

"After you finish tell me to help you go to your room" she said

"My room?!" I asked confused

"Yes we took so much blood from you and you need to rest, well After you finish eating" she said i nodded then she got out and i started eating

After 2 days

Lily prov

I got out from the room yesterday finally i cant stay in that damn room anymore Dad is still unconscious and i still have his blood on me i cant wash it if i did then I'm not close to dad his blood is part of him and it makes me feel like he's with me

"Lily come on" Cameron said yes he is in the hospital everyone came except hannah she is afraid to face me i guess well she should be

"Were??!" I said

"Lets go home so you can wash yourself ok I'm not taking no as an answer everyone went home by his turn and you haven't so its your turn to come home an maybe stay there its better for you" he said

"No what if he wake up and i wasn't there for him" i said

"Ok look just come home take a shower get a little rest and we'll come back quickly" he said

"Okay " i said then we both went home nash was already there

I entered the shower and closed my eyes when i opened them i saw how dad's blood was going on my body i freaked out and started screaming i remembered what happen that day i couldn't control my self i was shaking screaming and crying

Nash prov

I heard a screaming coming from the bathroom i quickly went upstairs to the bathroom and opened it and saw lily crying and shaking i went there and hugged her until she was calm

"Its okay everything will be okay" i whispered she nodded and then helped her washing

I went to the living room and sat there waiting for lily to come down

Then she came down

"Feeling okay now" i said she nodded

"Can you take me to the hospital" she asked

"But you have to rest a little" i said

"No i want to be there for my dad" she said i nodded then i drove her to the hospital she sat in her usual place at the corner looking at the walls again

"You should stop doing that" i said she looked at me confused

"Looking at the walls" i said

"Oh yeah i should stop" she said and put her head on my chest

"He woke up and he said he want to see his daughter" the doctor said as lily quickly stood up

Guys another update for today i quit college because i didn't like what i was learning so until i start in my new one I'm gonna be updating a lot

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