I met my dad

Hi guys my name is Lily I'm 15 i have brown hair and bright blue eyes i live with my mom eleanor calder yes she is my mom i dont know who is my dad i keep asking her but she always refuse to tell me i dont know why so my favorite color is blue my favorite animals are zebra and Banda i go to the zoo just to see them my favorite movie is blended by adam sandler and i box i go to the gym every weekend to practice mom dosnt like boxing and she always try to convince me to stop boxing but who cares im not gonna stop oh did i mention thate and my mom have a fight every day
Okay will this is who I am you wanna know my story then read my story


10. the fight

Iily prov

"Morning"everybody looked at me

"Morning sweetie" said perrie

"Umm good morning louis" i said but he ignored me of course

"Dont forget the game tonight we are going to a restaurant first so we can talk"louis said i didnt want to argue so i nodded slowly

"Can you hand me the cereals" i asked area

"Oh of course here" she handed them to me

"Thank you" i said to her and then i started eating

"Oh lily i heard you had fun with Nash last night" hannah teased me i saw Nash giving her a death glare

"What i mean we all know" she said to nash okay i cant ignore this

"Oh yeah im not the one that secretly date a guy oh and what else cheat on him and vreak up with me " i snapped at her i can see everyones eyes on me i couldn't talk that anymore so i rushed to the back yard and sat on the grass

"Hey" someone said behind me i turned to see nash


"Look im sorry i did that" he said

"Its not your fault im the one that drank all that alcohol"i said then i hugged him

"Lily i i "

"You what?!"i said pulling away from the hug

"I umm I love you okay , i love you since the day i saw you crying in the park i love you more after are first kiss i loved you more and more after last night and i love you more every single day" he said that then i cupped his cheeks and crashed my lips into his he immediately kissed back he licked my button lip asking for entrance so i let him in and our tongues danced together when someone pulled him away its louis then he punched him in the face over and over again his face was bleeding

"LOUIS!! STOP" i yelled crying he wasnt stopping so i punched his face(reminder lily do boxing)

"Awe did you just punch me" he asked angry

"Yes i did and i dont fucking care all what you did since i came here is yelling and hitting Nash so im leaving and going back to my old house "

"No your not okay go to your room get ready we are leaving a bit early"

"I dont want to i wanna go back home"

"No your fucking coming with me if you liked that not" he yelled so loud i felt a little scared my eyes were wide then the others came outside

"Louis stop yelling at her" i heard uncle liam wow i swear he is the nicest and so is spencer she is like her dad i wish my dad like him

"Cameron take Nash to his room and help him clean the blood and girls take lily to her room big people will talk now"Danielle said

We did as she told us

Niall prov

We were eating when hanna said something mean about Nash and lily after that lily said something that i dont it to be true but it is and then she went to the back yard followed by Nash

"Hannah we need to talk" i told her angry

"K dad just let me finish my breakf..." I cut her

"NOW!!"i yelled

"Ok dad" then i went to the living room and she followed me

"Was that true"

"What?!" She asked acting like she doesn't know

"What lily said was it true "

She looked at her feet

"Thats what i thought" i said

"Dad im sorry i was drunk and i-i..."

"You what you cheat on the boyfriend that i dont even know about since when my daughter is a slut" i yelled at her i couldn't take it anymore so slapped her face when sophia came

"Niall what did you do"she yelled with anger

"I did what she deserve and now she have to go and apologize to lily"i said when we heard louis yelling

" No your fucking coming with me if you liked that not"

All of us went to the backyard to see a bloody face Nash and a red cheeked louis and a wide eyes and shaky lily"

" louis stop yelling at her " liam said

"Cameron take Nash to his room and help him clean the blood and girls take lily to her room big people will talk now"Danielle said and they did what she told them

Louis prov

I cant believe my own daughter punched my face over a boy and what boy the biggest player on earth all what he is gonna do is to break her heart but she is blind to realize that

"Louis whats going on"harry said

"I dont trust your son thats whats going on" i snapped at him

"Ok listen mate even if you dont trust Nash that doesn't mean you can beat him up" zayn said

"Well she punched me because of him"

"No not because of him its because of you" niall said wow those guys made me feel guilty

"Ok ok i made a mistake but Nash is gonna break her heart and you all know that" i said

"No he wont he loves her"Liam said

"Ok you might dont know this but my relationship with Nash is strong and he tell me everything because somehow his own dad keep fighting him and never listing to him"

"Hey hey hey its not that i dont listen its just that he dont tell me"harry said

"He always try to talk to you but its always end up with you tow fighting"liam said

"Guys this is not our subject now" Demi said

"Demi is right louis you have to go and apologize to your daughter you have to give them a chance" perrie said and they all nodded including me then i went upstairs to Lily's room and nocked the door

Guys sorry for the short chapter but today was a busy day anyways i hope you like it dont forget to like and favorite and if theres anything you want to tell me just leave a comment .... ;)

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