I met my dad

Hi guys my name is Lily I'm 15 i have brown hair and bright blue eyes i live with my mom eleanor calder yes she is my mom i dont know who is my dad i keep asking her but she always refuse to tell me i dont know why so my favorite color is blue my favorite animals are zebra and Banda i go to the zoo just to see them my favorite movie is blended by adam sandler and i box i go to the gym every weekend to practice mom dosnt like boxing and she always try to convince me to stop boxing but who cares im not gonna stop oh did i mention thate and my mom have a fight every day
Okay will this is who I am you wanna know my story then read my story


7. school

Lily prov

"Hey give me the aux i want to put some music " i said then cameron handed me the aux because nash was driving i put fancy by Iggy azalea

"Wow thats an old song were are you living its 2030" cameron said

"So what its a good song" i said

"Wow we have Nash number 2"

"What do you mean?!" I asked him

"It means that you and nash are interest with the same kind of music" he said

"Oh thats cool"

Most of the ride was cameron and nash talking about some girl and me singing with the songs very loud so they cant hear each other

"Ok were here get your butts out of the car guys" nash said

"No way is that our school" i said standing in a very big and pretty building

"Yes its private school thats why" Cameron said

"Oh cool i guess"

Then we went inside everyone was staring at me

" why is everyone staring?!" I said to nash

"Because your walking with us"he said


"Ok you know those popular kids that everyone want to be friends with and date and hang out with"


"Those us"

"You and cameron"

"Me cameron hannah and jake"

"Who is jake?!?"

"Hannah's boyfriend "

"Oh okay anyway can you take me to bring my school schedule"

"Yeah sure follow me" he said then we went to the office and took my schedule "

"Hey your locker is tow doors away from my sister locker" nash said cool so i can go to the lockers with area

"Cool anyway i have to go to class so can you lead me to room 23"

"Of course" he said and i entered the class late"

"Hi im lily the new kid" i said

"Welcome to our school okay class this is lily Tomlinson our new student go and set next to mike"she pointed at a boy with black hair and green eyes wow he sure is hot

"Hey im mike"

"Hey im lily" i said

"Wow you are nice too bad your a Tomlinson"

"Excuse me and whats wrong with being a Tomlinson"

"Its mean you are close to cam and Nash" he said


"Oh come on cameron and Nash are the school bad boys and tjey are players and jerks"

"Okay im just gonna ignore what you just said because i want to make new friends and they are nice i know that " i said

Skipping the class

"Hey umm you seem cool person want to hang out after school" he said while we were walking in the hallway

"Sure here is my number" i handed him a piece of paper when someone pulled me away

"Nash hey whats up with you"

"Were you talking to mike"

"Yes so"

"You should stay away from that kid"

"And why he is cool"

"Just stay away from him okay"

"And if i don't"

"Oh then im going to tell uncle louis that your hanging with him"

"What is louis have to do with him"

"He did something bad to area"

"What you mean"

"I cant tell you its just he is dangerous okay so stay away from him" he said and walked away i was confused but anyway i have to go to my next period ugh math really i mean its so easy i mean i can pass without learning it

"Welcome to our math class ms. Tomlinson" ms. Amy said

"Hello" i said then i saw spencer wow we go to the same math class cool

"Hi lily come sit next to me " she called then i went and aat next to her i spent the math lesson drawing spencer and she didnt even notice yeah ine more thing about me im a good artist

"Here you go" i handed spencer the paper that i draw her on

"Wow you draw that wait wasn't you listing to the teacher"

" yes i draw that and no i wasnt i already now that its so easy"

"Wow are you genius or something "

"No i just now a lot of things" i said while cam and nash came to us

"Hey guys um lily you have sport class now so you should pick what kind of sport you wanna play"

"Oh okay im gonna choose baseball"

"Really you love baseball im the captain of the school baseball team" cameron said

"Oh thats amazing"

After we finish talking i went to the school gym and sinned for the baseball team

Skipping ..............................End of the day

I was in Nash and Cameron car me and cam were waiting for nash when i heard my phon ringing


"Hi lily its mike wanna go to Starbucks"

"Hey umm sorry louis called just a second a go and he told me that he wanted to see me so umm maybe later"

"Yeah sure"

He said then hung up

"This is the worst excuse that i ever heard so whats up"

"Shut up its just a guy name mike a met today he wanted me to go with him somewhere after school but when Nash knew he told me not to"

" mike wow you should stay away from that asshole"

"Why what did he do"

" he was dating area Nash's sister until she found out he is cheating on her she was so upset and she started cutting"

"Oh my gosh thats horrible he is an asshole your right"

"Hey guys ill drive" nash said while getting into the driver seat

Were finally home .......

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