I met my dad

Hi guys my name is Lily I'm 15 i have brown hair and bright blue eyes i live with my mom eleanor calder yes she is my mom i dont know who is my dad i keep asking her but she always refuse to tell me i dont know why so my favorite color is blue my favorite animals are zebra and Banda i go to the zoo just to see them my favorite movie is blended by adam sandler and i box i go to the gym every weekend to practice mom dosnt like boxing and she always try to convince me to stop boxing but who cares im not gonna stop oh did i mention thate and my mom have a fight every day
Okay will this is who I am you wanna know my story then read my story


3. moving

Louis prov:

I cant believe this i have a daughter i feel like the happiest man in the world but i cant believe tht Eleanor died 2 days ago

"Okay listen honey you go with Nash pack your stuff and come back here" i said

"What do you mean so your letting me live with you" she said

"Of course your living with me your my daughter" i said then she went with Nash towards the car

Lily prov:

I cant believe this i finally found my dad and now im living with him but i miss my mom so much

"Okay we are here" Nash said then we got out and i opened the front door and we interred the house

"Dont stay down here by yourself come on you can come to my room and sit until i finish packing" i said he just nodded and then we went upstairs

Nash prov:

Damn she is so pretty no beautiful i think i have feelings for her since i saw her she is so adorable and i cant believe she is uncle louis daughter there is no way he would ever let me date her

"You want me to help" i said coming closer to her body she looked up at me

"Umm uh no its okay " she said gosh those lips i just want to kiss her and before i know it i crashed my lips into her lips she pulled away quickly she had wide eyes ugh what have i done

"That was my first kiss" she said still had her wide eyes

"Wait what you mean you still virgin?!"

I asked i can see her blushing

"Yes so what im afraid to love thats way i dont let anyone to touch me or kiss me just to protect my self from falling in love" she said looking down i pulled her chin with my thumbs

"Why are you afraid of love" she looked upset then said with cracking voice

"Be-because I don't wa-want to live like my m-mom"

She said that then i hugged her very tight

Harry prov:

Everyone was there when louis told us what happened today she went with my sun to bring her stuff i just hope she dosnt fall for him he is a player and hell break her heart like every other girl.

"Hello everyone were here" i heard Nash yelling then he came to the room with her wow she is so like louis same hair same eyes i dont know her personality i hope she be like louis not like her mother .

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