I met my dad

Hi guys my name is Lily I'm 15 i have brown hair and bright blue eyes i live with my mom eleanor calder yes she is my mom i dont know who is my dad i keep asking her but she always refuse to tell me i dont know why so my favorite color is blue my favorite animals are zebra and Banda i go to the zoo just to see them my favorite movie is blended by adam sandler and i box i go to the gym every weekend to practice mom dosnt like boxing and she always try to convince me to stop boxing but who cares im not gonna stop oh did i mention thate and my mom have a fight every day
Okay will this is who I am you wanna know my story then read my story


13. cameron date

Cameron prov

Today was my date with val if she doesn't consider it as a date i do im so excited and nervous at the same time because what if she doesn't like me back , what if she still haven't moved on, or what if she likes someone else

"Cameron, cameron,CAMERON"

"Huh what?!" Nash was staring at me

"I've been calling your name since like forever what were you thinking"

"Umm nothing I'm just gonna dress up"i said

"Ok" he said and got out of my room i dressed up and went downstairs got in the car and drove to McDonald's and sat there waiting it was 4:30 already so she should be here any minute after like 5 minutes she walked in

"Hey"she said ugh those green eyes and that gold brown hair

"Hi" i said

Then she sat down across from me and we started talking and we have a lot in commons things

"Oh my god what is he doing here" she said pointing at a guy i know ho was that it was her ex

" hey dont make him ruined your day okay"

"Okay hey im just gonna do this to make him feel guilty" she said

"Do what" i asked before i could say any other word she pressed her soft lips into mine i kissed back it lasted for like 20 seconds wow that was the best kiss i ever had and i kissed a lot i mean a lot of girls

"Wow" i said after we pulled away

"Okay im not gonna lie its just that i liked that kiss" she said blushing

"I likes it too so can you please call this a date" she nodded

Then we ate and after that we took ice cream and it was perfect

"Hey wanna ride home"

"Sure thanks" she said

She gave me the address and i drove her home we got out of the car

"Oh my gosh ,car ,NOW" she yelled

I did as she told me then she got in the car too

"Whats wrong" i asked

"Okay let me put it this way i live alone the lights in my house are on thats mean mom came to my house"she said i was confused

"So?!!" I asked

"Ok look when mom comes its mean she is angry last time she came she beat me up i still have this scar on my thigh from her she show me the scar

"Oh my god why does she do that"

"She is mental thats why she have anger problems and every time she Her angry she come to my house and beat me"

"Okay thats crazy"

"Yes i know anyway can you drive me to a hotel"

"What no way im gonna let you go and spend the night at a hotel ,come and spend the night at my place"i said she nodded then i drove to my place and interred the house

"Hey cam ho is this" hannah said as we came inside why is she still waking up

"YOU"val yelled at hannah

"Yes me" hannah said smirking i can see Val's red face she look cute when she is angry CAMERON snap out of it they are about to fight

"Your boyfriends lips are so good he oh sorry i meant ex"hannah said smirking then val run to her and was about to punch her when i held her waist

"Wow wow wow you tow stop now hannah stop being a bitch and val come with me" i held her hand and toke her to my room

"Are you okay" i asked val she looked really sad hannah is a bitch how dare she talk like that to her

"Yes" she said with watery eyes i looked at her and gave 'your not fine aren't you' glare

"No no im not okay" she said crying i pulled her in a big hug

"I feel stupid"she said through tears

"No dont feel that your so beautiful val i like you" i said then crashed my lips into her yes yes yes she kissed back

"I like you too" she whispered after we pulled away i smiled at her

"Glad i heard this" i said she smiled at me

"Can you give me something to wear" she asked

I nodded then handed her a big T-shirt

"Thanks were is the bathroom?!" She asked

"At the end of the hall" we got out i pointed at it okay i dont have my own bathroom no one does hannah area and spencer share one me Nash and lily share another one

Val prov

I went to the bathroom and saw a bra what this is boys bathroom ok thats weird i put on cameron shirt and went back to his room

"Hey ummm" i said

"What"he said

"I found a bra in the bathroom which is weird because your boys" okay look its weird thing to ask but i just wanted to make sure that he dont have a girlfriend or something what i dont want my heart broken again

"Oh umm sorry thats for lily she share bathroom with us and she is the messiest person on earth"

Phew thank god he dont have a girlfriend i just hope he likes me as much as i like him, val what are you thinking just in the morning you didnt want to make it a date

"Val val val"

"Huh what"i said

"Ive been calling your name since like forever

"Oh sorry i lost in thoughts" i said

"Anyway i was asking if its okay with you to sleep next to me" i nodded then i hopped in bed and felt him getting under the cover on the other side "

Cameron prov

Val fell asleep like 10 minutes ago gosh i really like her shes so beautiful when someone open the door my eyes were closed but i opened then to see lily

"Hey" i said whispering do i wont wake val

"Hi" she said

" we'll talk in the morning"i said she nodded and got out and closed the door and i fell asleep


Sorry guys for not updating soon but here it is i updated

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