The Art of People

Robin Littleton is a 23 year old women who just graduate her design school in Paris. Wanting to be a fashion designer she has sent our her portfolio to many different designers but continually gets rejected. She believes there is only one person who can help her Jefferson Andrews a world famous fashion designer known for his unique style which reminded Robin of her own work but why would Jefferson help her?


1. What I didn't leave behind

The sun sets slowly. The sky is orange, the clouds are pink and fluffy, almost like cotton candy. I have my apartment window open, to let the warm wind brush over me as I work. I have music playing loudly in the background, I find it helps me work. Along with the all sounds of Paris. I'm sitting on the floor of my apartment, because all my furniture has been packed up. I have three colored pencils in my right hand, two in my mouth, and one in my left hand making careful strokes on the white crisp paper.

I hear a knock on the door "it's open!" I shout not looking up from my drawing. My roommate Kat Walks in, "hey Robin." she shouts over the music, while dropping all her stuff down, and promptly walking over to the stereo and turns down my music. I roll my eyes, but I don't remark about it. "Did you forget your key again?" I ask, while trying to focus on what I am doing. "Yeah...I left it at Dane's place." She says as she takes her coat off, and folds it and neatly sets it on the one chair left in the apartment. "Oh" I say, I remember all the parties he used to invite us too, I never had any fun at those. "I don't get your attraction to that jerk." I say, my eyes still glued on my art. "He's not a jerk! He's just different." Kat sighs in a slightly annoyed voice, I roll my eyes slightly. "That's nice." Remarking to what I am drawing. Kat's way of saying she adores it, but to annoyed to express her true love for it, This makes me smile.

She slowly slides down to sit next to me, and pops a cigarette into her mouth, lights it and then promptly starts arranging my pencils by the colors in the rainbow.

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