Falling fast

Falling fast is a book about love, hate and regret. Lucy's childhood has given her a bad idea of what the world is like. She never knew what love really was. When she meets a boy named Michael who is in a band she starts developing feeling. She was falling fast. Will her feelings ever go away or will her feelings be stuck in an alternative loop. Michael ever noticed her. Find out and falling fast.


4. tumblr or no tumblr

•••••Lucy's pov•••••

Well it's about 3:00 and all I can think about is Michael. It's crazy I know I just met the guy but it's just something about him. I just want to get to know him. Oh gosh here he comes act natural. "Hey Lucy." His voice was so deep. "Hey Michael." "Are you busy tonight. I mean umm.. do you wanna hangout later." Awe wait Lucy do you wanna go or be on tumblr. "Yeah I'm free." Guess not tumblr. "Well there's this pizzeria down the road would you like to go." Awe he sounds nervous. "Yeah sure." His smile was so cute. "Cool. Can I have your number?" A boy wants my number that's crazy. "Yeah sure." I grabbed a sticky note and wrote my number down. "Well I better get going. I'll text you." He kinda sounded sad. "Ok no worrys. What time should I be ready?" "What time do you get off?" I had to think about that for a second. "I get off at 5:30." "Ok let's say I'll pick you up around...6:30. Is that enough time love?" "Yeah that's enough time." "Ok see you then." After he said that he was gone. Oh my gosh I have a date! "Looks like you've got yourself a date." Mandy said from behind me. "Goodness you scared me." "It's what bosses are for. Are you gonna need help getting ready. This being you first date and all." Mandy knows about my childhood and all that. "Yeah I'd love that. Thank you Mandy." "It's no problem sweetheart." Well looks like I got a real date! Wow I'm kinda scared.

Authors note••••

Hey guys I really love this story. It's kinda my get away for reality. So thank you for reading my story. It really a boost for me.

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