Falling fast

Falling fast is a book about love, hate and regret. Lucy's childhood has given her a bad idea of what the world is like. She never knew what love really was. When she meets a boy named Michael who is in a band she starts developing feeling. She was falling fast. Will her feelings ever go away or will her feelings be stuck in an alternative loop. Michael ever noticed her. Find out and falling fast.


3. Michael I like that name

•••••Lucy's pov•••••

Me? Why would he look at me. He's probably a big star. Why would he want to talk to me. I'm a wast of his time. Why me. I'm so confused. "Hello miss" omg he's talking to me. "Miss excuse me but I need help" I finally got the strength to speak. "Hello I'm Lucy. What can I help you with?" That wasn't that bad. "Well Lucy I'm trying to find studio seven but can find it." Told you he's a star. I told you Lucy. "Well... if you go down the hall and turn to the right it will be the third door on the left." "Thank you love." Oh my gosh! He called me love! "It's my job. Don't mention it." Oh my I'm a weirdo. "I would have been looking for ages without your help." Awe! Snap out of it Lucy. "Awe well thanks mr..." "Michael call me Michael." Michael I like that name. "Well Michael I guess you mr. Docks 1:30 appointment so I'd get going if I were you. It's 1:26." "Oh crap thanks love. I hope to see you later." I hope to see you later what does that mean. Whatever just go with it. "Same here." Oh gosh I'm such an idiot! "Bye Lucy." "Bye Michael." As he walked away I just kinda smiled and thought to myself maybe my life will turn around. Boy was I right!

Authors note••••

Hey!! If you can't tell I love this book and I hope you do too. Don't worry there will be a bit of smut coming soon😏

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