Falling fast

Falling fast is a book about love, hate and regret. Lucy's childhood has given her a bad idea of what the world is like. She never knew what love really was. When she meets a boy named Michael who is in a band she starts developing feeling. She was falling fast. Will her feelings ever go away or will her feelings be stuck in an alternative loop. Michael ever noticed her. Find out and falling fast.


1. life before

Lucy wasn't the most popular girl in the school. She was to say the least the outcast. She's the one with all the A's on her report card. People said she was a goody goody. If only they knew what her life was like behind closed doors. Her mom left when she was five. After she left her dad was abusive. He would hit her multiple times. He wouldn't feed her if she back talked. Her life was a living hell. Finally Lucy graduated. Lucy was free. Lucy got a job at a record company as a receptionist. Her life was a crazy ride after a afternoon in December. It all changed when a boy named Michael came in the building. It all changed completely.

Authors note•••••

Hello I'm Kaylie. I hope you like my story so far and will read on. More coming soon.

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