Falling fast

Falling fast is a book about love, hate and regret. Lucy's childhood has given her a bad idea of what the world is like. She never knew what love really was. When she meets a boy named Michael who is in a band she starts developing feeling. She was falling fast. Will her feelings ever go away or will her feelings be stuck in an alternative loop. Michael ever noticed her. Find out and falling fast.


2. just another day in Sydney

•••••Lucy's pov•••••

Ugh another day that I could be on my bed on tulmblr but no I have to go to work. I got up and did the usual. Shower, get dressed, and eat. I had a weird felling about today. Like something was different. Sydney my city wasn't as quite today. It was like something was long overdue. I just pushed it aside and started my short walk to the office. It was warmish not to cold not to hot but just right. I was wearing the usual ripped jeans and a band tee. Today the tee was green day. To say I'm a little obsessed is an understatement. When I got to the office I did my usual check in with my boss. Her name is Mandy. She's not as old as you would think she's actually 28. Her dad owned the place and passed it on to her. She's really nice. As I say down at my desk I felt the feeling I felt this morning. As I look up I see a boy looking at me.

Authors note••••

Hey guys I hope you like it. Have a merry Christmas

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